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Scania in Russia. In tune with the times

scania0054949 Russian truckers have long loved Scania technology for its high quality, reliability, economy and safety. But time goes on, and everything changes, the sphere of freight transport is no exception. Modern transport companies of the 21st century need not just equipment, but an individual solution that will make freight transportation more efficient and reduce the time for administrative processes and maintenance. Scania keeps up with the times. The company studies the needs of the customers an...(422)

A strong link in the automotive industry

DSK2 The Russian company Detalstroikonstruktsia (DSK) is a participant of a large Cluster of the Automotive Industry of the Samara Region. The manufacturer of auto components with a quarter century history, DSK built its production system on strict compliance with international quality and environmental standards. This gives an opportunity to cooperate with the world’s leading brands and significantly increase the level of competitiveness of the national Russian automotive industry. Auto componen...(505)

The Lead Manufacturer of Automobile A/C Components

Sanden2 Sanden Manufacturing Poland is the leading air conditioning compressors manufacturer of the Sanden Group. Its motto, “delivering excellence”, has been both the goal and the guiding principle of the company on its road to success. The following article is based on an interview with Junichi Tanabe (Chairman of the Board), Andrzej Michalski (Plant Manager) and Michał Romanowski (HR Director). History and milestonesSanden Manufacturing Poland company was established in 2004, one year later the p...(720)

«Green» transport of 21st century

Belko2 Trolleybuses, trams and electrobuses for urban routes are produced by one of the leading electric transport manufacturers in the CIS – OJSC Holding Management Company «Belkommunmash». Urban eco-friendly electric transport becomes more convenient and popular in many countries around the world. Today Belorussian vehicles can be found in more than 40 cities of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Latvia, Serbia, Mongolia, Colombia and Argentina. Belkommunmash’s marketing s...(719)

Belshina - Aleksey Yakovlev - Exclusive Interview

Belshina3 Please, name the most important events of 2016 (could be one or more), that took place at the enterprise and explain their significance Last year, we launched four rubber lines in the bulk tire plant. This initial stage is one of the main stages of the technological process and it largely determines the quality of the future tire. Commissioning of new lines allowed the company to improve the quality of rubber compounds, accelerate the process of rubber mixing, significantly reduce energy and...(650)

Leading of agricultural and industrial tires

Voltyre1 JSC Voltyre-Prom is one of the leading producers of tires for the agricultural industry. Currently, the company manufactures more than 100 tire sizes, but the main specialization of the plant is the production of agricultural and industrial tires. The plant is the only Russian producer of wide-section tires. Since October 2013 JSC Voltyre-Prom has been a part of the international corporation TITAN TIRE Corporation, which focuses on the manufacture of agricultural and industrial tires, being ...(641)

A supplier of reliable and environmentally-friendly household goods - Hajdu

Established in 1952, Hajdu is the leading company of Hajdu Group headquartered in Teglas, Hungary. Apart from Hajdu, the group consists of Hajdu Autotechnika and Hajdu Infrastructure. Hajdu produces water heating-related products, white goods as well as renewable energy-related solutions; Hajdu Autotechnika sells tools and components for automotive industry, whereas Hajdu Infrastructure offers parcels of land for rental or sale for developing businesses on the territory of especially for this...(4150)

Many years of experience as the key to the highest level of professionalism - SCS Polska

International corporations – the most advanced structures of commercial organizations – are experiencing difficult time. The global financial crisis affects most of those firms, which operate with verve and imagination, are not afraid of bold investment, bravely look into the future. Leading the largest commercial entrepreneurships, regardless of industry, is associated with the greatest responsibility – for the safety and comfort of Employees, prosperity of their families, the environment, a...(3851)

A place, where traditional virtues meet innovative ideas - Prevent Automotive Romania

During the harsh times of global financial crisis, always the same question returns over and over again in the discussions of managers and the authorities of companies, touched by the economic slowdown: how to survive, regain what has been lost, rebuild the former competitive position in the markets? The problem is, there is no easy answer to those questions. Every commercial organization in the world has its own way to avoid the consequences of the lasting bear market, still, one can point o...(5162)

Innovative automotive solutions on a global scale - Gruppo Proma

Gruppo Proma is one of the leading groups in design and manufacturing of automotive solutions, working for the biggest Italian and international automotive industries. Due to the constant investments in research and development Gruppo Proma contributes to the success of its Clients – leading companies operating in the field of automotive industry. The main fields of operation of Gruppo Proma are: metal body subassemblies, chassis systems, seat frames and operating modules of automotive vehicl...(6525)

Brand to Rely on - TCM Polska

Present on the market for only 14 years (since 1996 and 1999 in Europe and Poland respectively), the TCM Group (Tool Consulting & Management) has already gained recognition on four different continents. A specialist in outsourcing, the company delivers tool management solutions to industry tycoons, including General Motors, Volkswagen or TRW. “We are a brand to rely on,” declares the TCM Poland Vice President, Mr Marek Polarski. It is thanks to Mr Polarski that “Manufacturing Journal” is now ...(4965)

They keep the world turning - Hijos de Juan de Garay

Clockwork means, literally, “working like a clock”—that much is obvious! It is also obvious to Hijos de Juan de Garay, a Spanish based company specialized in cold drawn precision steel tubing and automotive tubular components, that providing critical automotive applications, require high performance. Every year more than 100 million motorists depend on GARAY’s automotive tubular components turning their cars into success stories. Sometimes, being an industry leader just isn’t enough. Why? The...(5334)

Together – One Step Ahead - Gedia Poland

They have come a long way – from traditional artisans to a multinational corporation – and yet preserved their own identity. They began by making jewellery and shoe springs. Today they cater for the largest cars and trucks producers worldwide. A business that is family-owned and has their branches in Germany, Spain, Poland, Hungary Mexico and China? However poles apart these may seem, GEDIA knows how to make them work. “Our core value is respect. Our mission statement: together– one step ahea...(5855)

Delivering excellence - Sanden Manufacturing Poland

Japan is one of the countries that have gone through the most painful experiences during the nightmare of World War II. The economy of the Land of the Rising Sun collapsed completely in the forties, and it would seem that in such political and economic circumstances (occupation, the need to change branches of activity of many companies etc.), the position of Japan on the economic map of the world will not be enviable. Still, it turned out different. Thanks to legendary features of Japanese Em...(5734)

Tradition and modernity - Exide

EXIDE Technologies S.A. - former Centra S.A. based in Poznań, celebrates this year its centenary of existence. There are very few companies in Poland, which can boast such a worthy jubilee, what’s more, celebrate it as a company with strong market position and in good financial condition. Therefore, the company has made every effort to appropriately commemorate this special anniversary. Specially created mark of the century, the film presenting the history of the company since its inception, ...(5004)

Huge scale professionalism - Norma Polska

Effective management of the organization is like a chess game. Victory belongs to those who mastered a priceless ability to predicts movements of the opponent within at least several next turns. This knowledge, combined with the ability to prepare a coherent plan to dominate the game and to response correctly to the moves, which we were not able to predict, allows us to enjoy triumph every single time. One could count on the fingers of one hand those companies which, through their managers ar...(5268)

A professional from Tychy - Flexider

In the industries producing the most technologically complex systems on the market, the devil lies in details. If the globally recognizable brands want to boast the highest quality of offered products, they must ensure a reliable in every way supply of components. A trustful supplier, with whom cooperation over the years really works out, is invaluable in these industries. Every car parts manufacturer in the world knows that, including Magnetti Marelli Exhaust Systems in Poland and in Europe,...(6364)

Top priority: Customer satisfaction - Kico

KICO is a world-famous system supplier for first-class automotive technology. Over many decades, the company has designed and manufactured market-oriented components for passenger cars. Its current products meet the high quality requirements of global automotive industries and the list of business partners includes such companies like Audi, Bosch or Volkswagen. Eighty years of market activity The company started its adventure with manufacturing in 1939. At the time August Kirchhoff founded hi...(5635)

Changing the world and Spain forever - Ford España

If one would have to choose an invention of the past century that changed the world the most one would have to think of Henry Ford and his first automobile. Ford T was introduced to the world in 1908 and changed the face of it forever. The car was easy to drive, easy to repair and – what turned out to be the most important factor determining its enormous success – easy to afford. The huge popularity of Ford T (over 15 millions of units sold) shortly promoted the mere idea of automobilism and ...(6897)

Fastening systems - Agrati Group

High technology, advanced research, innovation and constant development, accompanied by competence and reliability, make for the success of Agrati Group – the leading Italian manufacturer of fastening systems. History Agrati Group, established in 1939, was at the beginning a small entreprise employing twenty people. But within years the company has learned to increase its productivity in an almost exponential manner and it has succeeded building on professionality and its proven experience. T...(10689)

Top quality solutions for transportation - CMT Chojnice

Established in 1991, CMT is one of the leading manufacturers of tilt semitrailers, dump truck semitrailers, trailers, bodies for truck chassis, as well as specialised equipment, tilts and advertising materials. Thanks to the company’s determination, passion and willingness to adjust to customers’ needs, its products enjoy great popularity not only in Poland, but also on other European markets. Written by Anna ChudzikModest beginnings The company was established in October 1991 in the form of ...(6024)

Bright lights, bright future - Truck Lite

If you have a car, it is highly probable that your vehicle is fitted with a klaxon and lamps manufactured by TRUCK-LITE and you are not even aware of that. This text will help you to do necessary catching up. Located in Bydgoszcz, northern Poland, the company has proved a reliable provider of signal horns and lighting and thus commanded the respect of automotive boffins. Although established in Poland less than ten years ago, the brand has managed so far to achieve recognition on every contin...(8351)

How to invest in style - Simoldes Plasticos

Check if the components of your car’s interior fit-out have a Simoldes Plasticos logo. If so you are lucky because this label guarantees top notch quality. The company is well established in Portugal, Brazil and France and enjoys recognition among the automotive brands such as: Porsche, Toyota, Peugeot, Citroen, Volkswagen and Skoda. Simoldes Plasticos has been present in Poland since 2004, its headquarters located in Jelcz-Laskowice near Wrocław, Lower Silesia.Injection Technology Comes to P...(8552)

The most ecological brand in Europe - Fiat Auto Poland

Fiat Auto Poland was established in 1992, but it has made its presence felt on the Polish market for 89 years. Longstanding experience has obligated the company to maintain professional service and high quality of the vehicles. Its dynamic development depends on innovative technology solutions ensuring driver and passenger comfort. The Tychy Factory, the largest automobile factory in Poland, the biggest Fiat factory in Europe and the second in the world after the Brazilian one.Brief history T...(10706)

Working with the giants - Polmo Łódź

For over 40 years FOS „Polmo” Łódź S.A. has been the biggest compressor producer in Poland. The company has been manufacturing automotive equipment and accessories since 1929 and its establishment goes back to the beginnings of the 20th century. In the past, the enterprise would supply the whole automotive industry in Poland. At the current moment, its geographical scope of operations is much bigger. Thanks to the development of cooperation with foreign customers, most of Polmo Łódź productio...(7393)

International leader of high-tech systems for automotive industry - Magneti Marelli

MAGNETI MARELLI is a leader on international market of designing and production of components and high-tech systems for automotive industry. In Poland it has 5 production plants which have been developing on the local market as well as for export for over 18 years. Italian history of the company The company Magneti Marelli (the name of the company comes from the surname of Italian enterpreneur Ercole Marelli) was founded in Italy in 1919 as a joint venture of Fiat Torino and Ercole Marelli & ...(8477)

A recognized professionalism - Segu Polska

During these difficult times of global financial crisis most companies struggle hard to remain its’ position in the market. It is relatively uncommon to find a company that despite the slowdown keeps going forward and expands it’s activity. This is however the case of Segu Poland, a Polish company specializing in ABS wires and wire harnesses for the automotive industry which has recently scored an impressive deal with PSA Peugeot Citroen through one of its partner, Bosch. Segu Poland - the be...(6430)

Light trailers for everyone - Sorelpol

Thanks to continuous improvement of products, application of modern technologies and support of French partners, Sorelpol – a company specializing in the production of trailers for passenger cars – has become one of the largest manufacturers of its type in Poland. Proper management and adequate investment decision brought the company to a point where its annual production includes several thousand of trailers. What is more, majority of the manufactures are exported to foreign countries. Writt...(9543)

Buses from Poland for the world’s roads - Scania

Scania Production Słupsk S.A. is a Poland-based manufacturing plant of the world-known Swedish concern Scania – a leading manufacturer of heavy trucks, buses and coaches as well as industrial and marine engines, which operates in about 100 countries and employs more than 34,000 people. The company’s production facilities are found in Sweden, France, Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina and Poland, where the Słupsk plant specializes in the production of buses for public transport and bus chassis. Sc...(9182)

The Polish GEM of GM - General Motors

General Motors, one of the world’s largest automakers, has been a synonym for excellence in the automotive industry since it was founded in 1916. Every year the concern sells millions of cars and trucks globally under such brands as Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, GM Daewoo, Holden, HUMMER, Opel, Pontiac, Saturn, Vauxhall and Wuling. With global headquarters in Detroit, General Motors has its manufacturing operations in 34 countries, including a Polish factory in Gliwice (General Motors Manu...(11381)
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