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Strumet - Quality transport and storage of reusable containers with a Polish label

strumet Silesia is one of the most well - known Polish industrial regions. In that exact region in 1995 in the city of Strumień, Zakład Wyrobów Metalowych (Metalworking plant) Strumet was founded. Just like in the early beginnings, also today Polish manufacturer delivers the best service to the largest car companies and the subsuppliers for the automotive industry.(158)

Nearly 50 years of experience and the continuous progress in the development and production of piping systems

NUPI1 Insight into ‘then and now’ of NUPI INDUSTRIE ITALIANE S.p.A. in the words of one of the main men standing behind the company’s success - General Sales Director, Engineer Giovanni Cipolla. 1st of October 2008 was a day to remember both for NUPI S.p.A. and GECO System S.p.A., because on that day the two companies joined their forces and together, they created Nupigeco S.p.A. which later on - in October 2015 - was taken over by NUPI Industrie Italiane S.p.A. It goes by that name till this day ...(405)

Construction for demanding Clients

traskoTrasko-Invest sp. z o.o. is a Company specializing in general contracting in the construction industry, both of general and industrial type. The Enterprise has been operating successfully on the Polish and foreign markets (including Russia, Ukraine and Belarus) for more than 15 years, carrying out all stages of construction projects from idea, construction and executive project through implementation phase up to putting the finished facility into operation. Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. has built ...(1893)

Ships, towers and constructions – made by Stocznia Gdańsk

Rapid development, new profiles of production and investments – this is the current situation of Gdańsk Shipyard, the company known not only in the marine industry as a manufacturer of ships, but also as a symbol of struggle for free and independent Poland. During 60 years of its history, Gdańsk Shipyard has built over 1000 ships and hulls for companies around the world. Now, the company conquers the market of steel constructions and the renewable energy sector. According to the restructuring...(5672)

You know what. They know how - Grupo Condesa

Since the company began its production activity under Donato Iribecampos leadership, Grupo Condesa has grown from a small, family business to a corporation that spreads its manufacturing facilities in six countries. Its market share in Spain stands at 37% and has a 20% share of the European market. In total, Grupo Condesa has 2000 workers and its current turnover is 1000 million euros per year. Without further ado, here is Grupo Condesa’s recipe for success. The Father of SuccessDonato Iribec...(6229)

Setting the Pace - Cadolto

Cadolto is counted among the global leaders of the modular construction industry. Present in Germany for more than a century and in Poland for a decade, it specialises in erecting hospitals, laboratories, including the largest projects of that type worldwide. The two projects in question, namely Centre Hospitalier d’Argenteuil in Paris and Federal Centre for Cardiology in Penza, Russia, when put together, take up an unprecedented overall space of 80,000 sqm. Mr Remigiusz Cichocki, Cadolto Pol...(5480)

Men of steel - Martifer Polska

Some of the industry sections achieve their success thanks to the revolutionary ideas while the others – like the steel section – require good planning, hard work of reliable people and constant evolution of proven technologies. These are the elements that underlie the quality of the Martifer Polska brand. The company’s beliefs, devotion to their work and its perfectly planned structure are reflected in the steel constructions they produce. The company is on its way to follow the success of M...(4867)

In Pole Position - Format

We know this story all to well. First came credit crunch; banks soon experienced cash flow problems; this in turn rebounded on the building industry. And yet there are construction businesses in Poland that have survived the crisis intact. Among these Format is to be found, the Warsaw-based company with more than 500 investment projects under its belt, completed all around Europe. This business never grows tired of success. They are now developing a nuclear power plant in Finland. Soon after ...(4668)

The leader of the metal industry - UGMK

OJSC UGMK was founded only 13 years ago. In such a short period of time on the market it made its presence noticeable. The company’s successful growth can be attributed to its drive for achieving better results in the fields of quality and customer service. Current achievementsOJSC Ukrayinska girnycho-metalurgiyna kompaniya (UGMK) was established in 1998. The company’s objective was to deliver steel products in any quantity to the wide range of consumers. Moreover, the company offered related...(6446)

Sparking global markets - SECO/WARWICK

Analyzing the stories of companies that, regardless of the industry and times, in which they acted, achieved spectacular success, we can pacely conclude that the organizations, which have succeeded on the demanding, global market, have a lot in common. After such a conclusion, we can easily propose a thesis that, in principle, it is enough to meet several conditions, thanks to which this success could be duplicated. First of all, one should have an innovative business idea, correctly locate a...(4879)

How to survive the crisis and be successful - Ergon

Everyone was talking about the biggest (since “Wall Street Crash”) financial crisis, which badly hit the global economy a few years ago. Media reported of billions of dollars pumped in collapsing industries, governments were creating pacely huge packages of investments to stimulate the economy, millions of people lost their jobs, countries bankrupted. Inflated without restraint speculative bubble in the U.S. real estates market, the irresponsible actions of the Federal Reserve, poorly designe...(4820)

Achieving success in a responsible way - ZBUD

ZBUD Sp z o.o. (Lifting Devices Construction Plant Ltd.) since its founding in Dąbrowa Tarnowska in 1985 has an everlasting story of success. In 1990 the company has introduced hoists and hand winches, which, thanks to high quality and fair price, allowed the company to dynamically develop. The main consequence of obtaining an excellent reputation was broadening the company’s assortment by introducing jib cranes, overhead cranes and electric winches. In 2005 the company reached even higher le...(7080)

Drive for Success - Aliplast

Aliplast Sp. z o. o (LLC) from Lublin has recently become a success story in the Polish aluminium systems industry. They’ve risen to the top thanks to timely investment, made just after Poland’s accession to the EU, right on the brink of the building boom in Poland. International capital has also played a part: Aliplast belongs to Corialis Group, an international holding present on three continents. Mr Jan Kidaj, Aliplast President, speaks to “Manufacturing Journal” about the company’s achiev...(6819)

Multi-generational tradition, innovative approach - Thoni Alutec

Thoni Alutec is a producer of light alloy castings in sand and gravity die. Experience gathered over decades combined with continuous expansion of the product range as well as highly skilled staff have made the company one of the most competent jobbing foundries worldwide. Diversification of the activity range gives the customers of the enterprise a complete supply chain related to light alloy castings. The customers are individually supplied with castings according to various international s...(7148)

Clear business rules - Llentabhallen

The LLENTAB Group designs, manufactures and markets multifunctional steel buildings for a wide range of industries and purposes. The parent company, LLENTAB AB, is headquartered in Sweden. Its story goes back to 1972 and the Lindblad family. Over the years the company has undergone rapid development, growing economically and geographically. At the current moment, the LLENTAB Group has subsidiaries throughout Europe and Scandinavia and a new organization focused on international business. It m...(5021)

Capital of Trust - Skalski

Grupa Skalski, Kraków, has been present on the Polish construction market for nearly 30 years now. Over this time it has managed to complete numerous investment projects and collect a bulk of prizes. However, as Mr Dominik Wróbel, Grupa Skalski’s Managing Director, reveals, it is not so much prizes or honours but customers’ trust that the company finds most rewarding. The business has won recognition on the strength of its innovative ownership structure and the support of the Luxembourg-based...(5331)

Window of Opportunity - Sonarol

SONAROL from Jedwabne (Voivodeship of Podlassia) is a brand duly recognised for top quality window and door joinery as well as Styrofoam production. The business has operated for only 13 years now and already managed to join the leaders of middle-size enterprise in Poland. Decisive factors? Thoughtful investment and entrepreneurial savvy. Evidence? Recently awarded prizes, Gazela Biznesu (Business Gazelle) and Diament “Forbesa” (“Forbes” Diamond). SONAROL’s short and yet thrilling track recor...(6215)

Resolute Growth - TMK Group

Just as life provides each of us with different challenges, the business environment creates unique challenges and opportunities for companies. TMK is the perfect example of a company that capitalizes and thrives on challenges. In just a few short years, its ability to capture opportunities and rapid global growth have allowed it to become one of the world’s top three market leaders in its industry. Looking back on a short past and long future TMK’s history doesn’t really go too far back. Fol...(7238)

The company with prospects for the future - Mostostal Puławy

The most important goal for them? Build and improve our quality of life.How do they do it? With creativity and technical skill they plan, design and operate the facilities essential to modern life, ranging from bridges through sport´s, and urban´ s infrastructure They are problem solvers, meeting the challenges of urban redevelopment and community planning. Who are they? They are people who create the Mostostal Puławy corporation. Mostostal Puławy S.A – or „know- how”As the technological revo...(5588)

Expert in silo tankers - O.ME.P.S.

10 years were enough for Vincenzo Munzio to transform a simple Service for tank trucks into a successful business. His brilliant idea was turned into O.ME.P.S, an Italian company headquartered in Battipaglia (in the South of Italy) which became an important producer of all types of self supporting and tipping silotrailers and rigid silo tanks and for the transport of powders. Its large range of products is present in most of European countries and since 1999 the number of its clients has reac...(6486)

Roads for people - Poldim

POLDIM S.A. is a company known in Poland and abroad owing to maintaining the highest standards of road and bridge construction works, which are always finished on schedule. POLDIM is also noted for its road maintenance services and production of materials for the road building industry. Written by Aleksandra StrojekProtoplast and first structural changes POLDIM carries on more than fifty-years of operations among Polish road and bridge building enterprises. What is more, it considers itself t...(5737)

They Built up Trust - Karmar

For nearly 20 years of its existence, Karmar S.A. (Joint-Stock Company), Warsaw, has proven to have the know-how essential for the success in the building industry. In the right place and at the right time, the business gathered specialists experienced in construction, design, finance, legal matters and construction consulting. Initially, these people focused on construction works. Nowadays, they enjoy the status of a general contractor conducting many lucrative investments, including “turnke...(5736)

The company with passion - Giletta

Established in 1950, Giletta S.p.A has learnt, during many years of its existence, to increase its productivity in an exponential manner. Building on professionalism and experience gathered over the years, the company has achieved success. It has always maintained a direct relationship with its customers in order to be able to better understand and to satisfy their requirements in that it would offer industrialized but at the same time personalized products of high quality. In fact, character...(6629)
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