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BOSCH – More than 130 years of German precision and domination on the global market

bosch Founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch, this billion Euro worth company sets the pace in the new engineering technology and leaves the competition behind. When the customers hear the name Bosch, they instantly know that when it comes to mobility solutions, consumer goods, energy, industrial and building technology they will get the highest possible quality.(641)

KOMANDOR - Innovative design & attention to detail - quality furniture from Poland

komandor Established only a few years after the system transformation of 1989, Komandor S.A. is now a leading brand on the international markets- having launched the sliding door systems in Poland it created also the first network of their distribution. The times were changing - but the company knew very well how to master new challenges.(651)

One of the leaders in the production of dolls in Russia

Vesna1 Vesna toy factory annually produces over a million dolls. Combining traditional and modern technologies in production, the company creates toys that convey national flavor and culture. Turning pointsThree dates in the history of the company are significant. The first date is 1942, the year of formation of the enterprise. These were the hardest years of the Great Patriotic War, but despite this, taking care of children at that time was a matter of national importance. Therefore, it was decide...(559)

Comfortable, practical and stylish footwear from Russia

Obuv2 Obuv Rossii Group is a federal retail shoe chain ranked among top two Russian footwear retailers (according to Discovery Research Group). The Group is the leader of the mid-price segment of the shoe market. Obuv Rossii manufactures shoes utilizing all main types of sole construction techniques. All stages of production are fully automated, using high-quality equipment by some of the leading international manufacturers such as Desma, Newlast and Orisol. Turning points in company’s historyThe ...(1119)

Focus on experience, innovation and future

TOPOL2 Topol Group is a large and diversified industrial group working within Russia, CIS countries and Europe. Company’s business interest area includes production of special oil and gas equipment, industrial equipment, domestic appliances and home water heating appliances, furniture, baby and juvenile products manufacturing, construction and development, woodworking. Topol Group also runs several own brands. Milestones in the company’s developmentThe history of the company began in the distant wa...(1271)

„MS beyond WINDOWS” - M&S Pomorska Fabryka Okien

In the global business ecosystem, in which all commercial enterprises acting on an international scale work today, there is a number of paradoxes, which contradict the logic of the functioning of organizations, which occupy leading positions in specific industries or industry sectors. One of these paradoxes concerns the matter of recognition of companies or brands by the average Customer. In assumption, the more awards won by the company, the broader the scope of its activity, the more satisf...(5375)


In the contemporary world, in which creativity is the ultimate and most desirable asset of every Employee and entrepreneurship, LEGO is the very synonym of creativity. One of the most renown and recognized brands on Earth has built its success upon creative thinking, innovation and planning outside the box. The history of the Danish company has slowly become a kind of a beautiful fairy tale for managers, who dream to become Mr. Ole Kirk Kristiansen himself, metaphorically of course. Every co...(5345)

Brand That Speaks for Itself - Excellent

Excellent Usługi Sp. z o. o. (LLC), Kraków, Poland, has been present on the market of building carpentry for 13 years now. “The name of the brand speaks for itself,” stresses Mr Edward Ziębicki, the company’s President. That is why the business never shrinks from daunting tasks, which include restoration of antique carpentry among others. Its management is keen to stay on top of quality and style: they spare no expense to obtain finest materials and manufacture windows exclusively from timber...(22604)

Best men’s suits - Comintern

JSC Comintern is the leading manufacturer of men’s clothing in Belarus. The main aim of the company is to build and maintain excellent relationships with customers, based on trust and mutual gains. In order to guarantee customer satisfaction the company invests in modernization of equipment and development of the personnel, as these factures ensure production of first rate goods. Ninety years of experienceJSC Comintern is located in the city of Gomel in the Eastern part of the country. The co...(5007)

No Room for Complacency - NG2 Group

Those of you who are unfamiliar with NG2 (New Gate) Group S.A. (Joint-Stock Company) from Polkowice, Lower Silesia, will nevertheless recognise its flagship brands immediately. These brands, namely CCC, Boti and Quazi, have made Mr. Dariusz Miłek’s enterprise dominate the footwear market in Poland. The whole group has achieved this tremendous success thanks to its President and his unbelievable knack for business. An entrepreneur has to combine resolve with intuition. Mr. Miłek is lucky to be...(6647)

High standard holidays in the search of unknown - Laika

Every year millions of Europeans face a difficult choice: how to spend their vacation? There are many possibilities. A large number of hotels, guesthouses and campings offers a relaxing and enjoyable stay according to even the most particular expectations of their clients. But there is always an old dream which comes back to many: take a camper and just drive ahead like in an American movie they have seen thousands of times. Unfortunately most of people are usually too lazy and too afraid of ...(5982)

Stylish and Durable - Fluchos

Total comfort – this particular slogan has made the Fluchos brand win the European and global markets. Such tremendous success has been brought about for a reason, that is, because of the unique combination of tradition and creativity. Place your trust in this logo and you will get hand-stitched quality footwear in return. For women, the company offers classic salon shoes and buckled, laced or buttoned boots. For men, there are two distinct styles: a formal Oxford line and a casual range with...(9974)
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