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SPLAT: Choose health

SPLAT 2 SPLAT products are made from the best components of the world’s leading manufacturers at its own modern eco-factory located in the ecologically clean area of Valday. Company has 16.9 % of Russian market according to AC Nielsen for November-December 2016 in the category of toothpastes (in monetary terms). What is the company’s secret of success – read further in the article. SPLAT todaySPLAT is the leading developer and manufacturer of professional solutions in the categories of oral care, ho...(968)

The market leader of hygienic products for women in Central and Eastern Europe

Bella2 The success of Bella brand is primarily the care for the highest quality products, openness to modern technology and willingness to create a flexible offer. Under Bella brand there is a wide range of products presented: sanitary pads, pantyliners, tampons and cosmetics for intimate hygiene. Bella is still evolving, and for many years has been a synonymous of confidence, comfort and safety. Company profileBella LLC is one of the strongest manufacturing companies in the TZMO S.A. group of comp...(1199)

Products, which have no analogues in the world

splat SPLAT is a leading developer and manufacturer of professional solutions for oral care, household eco chemicals, and children’s cosmetics. The company’s products are made of the best ingredients of leading world producers in their own modern eco factory situated in an ecologically clean area of the Valdai. SPLAT specializes in creating high-quality products, which have no analogues in the world.(2746)

Meeting every need - Clever Company

Clever Company is a Russian holding operating on the market of children’s cosmetics and hair care products. The company is one of the leaders in this field both on the national and foreign markets. One of the key features of this company is a great number of brands, created or distributed by them. Basic informationThe history of the Clever Company holding dates back to 2008, when the merger of three companies happened. The holding was created on the basis of Kosmetikmarket-Center that was est...(6484)

Affordable luxury - Dilis Cosmetic

Dilis Cosmetic company was founded 20 years ago. Nowadays Dilis Cosmetic is a leading company in the Republic of Belarus producing perfumes. Each year in a company’s history is an important step forward in dynamic development. Still, 2009 became a special year - French company Floressence S.A.S., being a producer of perfume compounds, became a shareholder of Dilis Cosmetic. For 20 years of Dilis Cosmetic presence on the Belarussian market the company has been improving its technology and prod...(6643)

Best perfumes and cosmetic products - Viorica-Cosmetic

JSC Viorica-Cosmetic is a cosmetic company based in Moldavia. The company has been on the market for over 20 years and in this short time it managed to win the hearts of consumers and received numerous awards for overall achievement and quality. The beginnings JSC Viorica-Cosmetic was founded in 1989 as one of the last companies established in the former USSR. The company was modeled on French Dior. From the very start, the company has been producing a wide variety of cosmetic products and pe...(7542)

They take care of natural beauty - Harper Hygienics

Sometimes we wish we could stop time, but the harsh reality is we can’t. But whether you are 20, 40 or 60 years old, you can still make the best of what nature gave to you and nourish it. What can help you? Of course products manufactured specifically for women needs and focused on woman’s health. Harper Hygienics S.A., a Poland- based company, is principally engaged in creating solutions to improve woman’s lives now and in the future. Their values shape their strategy, product development, C...(6663)

Beautiful business - Belita-Vitex

BELITA and VITEX are two Belarussian partner companies that work for a common goal. This biggest Belarussian cosmetics producer is an example of a successful business operating for over 20 years at Belarussian and global market. The company covers the whole production cycle of cosmetics – from developing the unique recipes to producing the packaging and distributing through its own well-developed network in Belarus and abroad. The MilestonesThe idea of developing a cosmetics business in Belar...(15451)
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