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Age of victories and achievements

Electrostal3 «Metallurgical plant «Electrostal» JSC, one of the leading metallurgical enterprises specializing in special-purpose steels and alloys production for industries defining the status of Russia as a great maritime, aerospace and power-generating country, celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2017. How it all beganMetallurgical plant «Electrostal» was founded during the First World War, when Russia was in desperate need of high-quality steel in large amounts to produce ammunition and weapons, whil...(1038)

P.U.I. Rialex Sp. z o.o. - Once a small, local business, Rialex is now a company with worldwide ties

rialex Providing their clients with wide range of products and services for almost three decades, Rialex Crane Systems has earned a reputation as reliable and experienced partner in the handling equipment sector.(405)

A pro in every inch - Bumech

Heavy industry for years held a special position in, oriented exclusively on production, economies of countries in the Soviet area of influence. After the fall of communism, we have eventually learned, how the implementation of Marx’s and Lenin’s theories influenced practical economic solutions, and how negatively they affected public finances. Nonviable economically, technologically backwarded enterprises – mines, foundries, and other factories had to be restructured, privatized, and some of...(4804)

Supplier of oil products from Tyumen, Russia - Antipinsky Oil Refinery

antipinsky2 Antipinsky Refinery is a private company with the capacity of over 7.5 million tons of oil per year. According to the plans for the nearest future, the quality of its oil products will comply with the Euro-5 standard (in 2014 for diesel and in 2016 for gasoline, respectively), and depth of processing will be increased up to 94 percent in 2015. Among Antipinsky Refinery’s key strengths one can enumerate the fact that it is the only refinery located in the Tyumen region and Ural Federal Distri...(6645)

Leader of Russian power engineering does not rest on its laurels - Power Machines

OJSC Power Machines is the leading Russian manufacturer and supplier of complex equipment solutions for thermal, nuclear, hydraulic and gas-turbine power plants. The company is ranked in the list of hundred largest enterprises in Russia. Power Machines company was established in the year 2000. Today it is a joint venture combining technological, industrial and intellectual resources of six world-famous Russian enterprises: Leningradsky Metallichesky zavod (established in 1857), Electrosila (1...(9517)

Energy of the future - Atomstroyexport

Joint Stock Company Atomstroyexport beyond doubt proposes its customers unique services. The company offers construction management of modern nuclear power plants adhering to international standards as well as reconstruction and modernization of the older plants. Company profileJSC «Atomstroyexport» (JSC ASE) was established in 1998 on the basis of the Decision of the Ministry of Atomic Power. The aim of the new JSC ASE was to stimulate export activity of production establishments. Two large ...(5406)

In search of groundbreaking electrical solutions - Elsta

ELSTA is a Polish company present in the market for over 20 years now, which operates in three branches: electrical power engineering, mining electronics and industrial automatics. Elsta can offer electrical and automatics designs, low-voltage equipment, such as switchgears, comprehensive deliveries, electrical installations and assembly works as well as programming of control system. Owing to its extensive experience and modern technologies, Elsta can offer reliable service and high quality ...(5047)

We radiate good energy and heat - Elektrociepłownia Będzin

Elektrociepłownia “Będzin”S.A. has signed contracts for selling electricity to RWE Poland S.A. and Tauron POLSKA ENERGIA S.A. Its major recipient of hot water is Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej Dąbrowa Górnicza S.A., and steam is supplied to several industrial and commercial Customers. These examples of long-standing partnership confirm that Elektrociepłownia “Będzin” is a reliable business partner, whose efforts made to minimize the influence on the environment and maximize efficiency a...(5171)

Barter S.A. - a responsible importer

Heavy industry for many years served as the basis of production of the socialist countries. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, technologically obsolete, not meeting Western standards factories were falling, were privatized and transformed. The extensive restructuring made thousands of people lose their jobs, however, it proved to be a necessary step in order to repair, damaged by the communist economic ideas, budgets of countries located in the former Soviet sphere of influence. Today, the s...(5462)

Repeatable quality - Eko-Energia

The establishment of EKO-ENERGIA took place in the year 2000 and was connected with the restructuring of the former Renovation Department of Tadeusz Sendzimir Steelworks in Kraków, in the southern part of Poland. The newly created company was based on the property and estate of the division. Since the beginnings of the business activity the technical and engineering as well as production personnel of the enterprise has increased fourfold. At the current moment, EKO-ENERGIA is in possession of...(7817)

International connections, modern management - BELOS-PLP

BELOS-PLP is the largest Polish producer of fittings for high voltage, medium voltage and low voltage overhead power lines. The enterprise has been present in the power energy branch for over sixty years. Since the very beginning of its business activity, it has established close technical partnership with leading design companies and institutes. Because of this partnership, products of BELOS-PLP not only fulfill all required standards and norms, but also are in line with the latest high-tech...(6871)
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