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A top-ranked innovative group specialized in the supply of added value ingredients for the food & beverage industry

Frulact2 With more than 30 years of experience the company is ranked among the world’s top five companies in its business. We are talking about Frulact - an innovative group in the supply of added value ingredients for the food & beverage industry, with a global presence across three continents and nine business units in five countries. In an interview, given to the Manufacturing Journal by the CEO of the company- João Miranda, we had the opportunity to learn more about the secret of Frulact’s succes...(62)

Innovative company with a strong entrepreneurial culture

MAY1 For more than 27 years, MAY has maintained its leading position in the Russian hot beverage market and is one of the largest producers of packaged food products in the country. Own production, a unique tea testers school, along with a team of highly skilled industry professionals allowed the company to become the second player in the tea market in Russia in terms of sales. The products of the company, chosen by millions of Russians, are represented by tea brands: Maysky, RICHARD, Lisma, CURT...(55)

From a small manufacturer to a market leader

FBR-ELPO2 This is the success story of the Italian manufacturing company that continues to set a great example for others and proves that through dedication, hard work and a customer- oriented mindset any small business can expand and become successful. The beginningsFounded in 1963 in the Food Valley, FBR-ELPO is a manufacturer of machines and complete lines for fruit and tomato processing in aseptic filling. It has been a leader on the international market for over 50 years and that says a lot. In t...(110)

One of the leading manufacturers of dairy products in Russia

G22 Galactica Group of Companies is one of the largest independent manufacturers of a wide range of dairy products. The company is fully implementing the entire cycle of production of the dairy products from the farm and to the store shelves, which is why the manufactured dairy products undergo the shortest distance from the cow to the consumer. Strategic potentialAs of today, the Galactica Group of Companies is one of the largest producers of the dairy products in Russia and the largest produce...(509)

One of the largest producers of frozen ready meals in Russia

VILON6 Trade Industrial company Vilon has been working on the market of frozen ready-made products since 1994 and can be considered the founder of the category of ready-frozen first and second courses in Russia. The company produces delicious, high-quality and healthy products that meet the norms and principles of healthy eating. The company’s portfolio includes over 150 products. In the range of Vilon products there are soups, more than 40 different second courses, snacks and pastries. Strategic p...(360)

The largest Georgian tea-producing company

Geoplant2 Geoplant Ltd owns tea plantations as well as processing and packing facilities and is therefore a ‘one-stop shop’ for the entire tea production process. Each day, the company strives towards its mission: To provide the healthiest drink of the millennium to the world from the finest, environmentally-friendly, best tea plantations of rural Georgia. Geoplant Ltd sees itself as partner with valued customers, employees and community, promoting healthier lifestyle and helping to lead happier lives...(961)

Armenia Wine’s exceptional quality is the unique terroir of Armenia

Armenian3 Within a decade of its inception, Armenia Wine Factory has become a leader on the Armenian market and one of the rising stars of the international wine market. With a wide variety of brands, marrying age old traditions with modern technology and policies, Armenia Wine is a success story with no end in sight. Company history overviewArmenia has excelled in winemaking since ancient times. Remains of the world’s oldest winery has been discovered there, estimated to be over six thousand years ol...(511)

Unique combination of the sunflower and tropical oils market

Delta3 Delta Wilmar CIS operates in the food industry and produces the oil-and-fat products and ingredients for manufacturers of the bakery, confectionery and dairy products. The company includes two plants: one for processing of tropical oils and another for processing of oilseeds, as well as a complex for vegetable oils transshipment in Yuzhny port. Delta Wilmar CIS cooperates with reliable partners all over Ukraine and is one of the largest exporters to Europe. Based on interview with Valentina ...(466)

Russian market leader in frozen chicken meat convenience foods

Produkty1 Produkty Pitania is one of Russia’s largest and fastest-growing frozen convenience food companies. The company produces and distributes its products under the trademark labels - Zolotoy Petushok, Rossiyskaya Korona, Baltptiсeprom, Domashnaya Skazka, Hot Team, Fresh Produkt and Perfetto. As a market trendsetter in product quality, variety, and safety, Produkty Pitania has built one of Eastern Europe’s most advanced manufacturing operations, using only the latest high-tech production equipment...(501)

The largest alcohol holding in Eastern Europe

Bayadera Bayadera Group unites the core assets in the alcohol industry, including distribution companies and its own production of alcoholic beverages in Ukraine and Belarus, wine, vermouth and cognac. The company is also the exclusive importer of the world’s most famous alcohol brands in Ukraine. The export map of Bayadera Group counts more than 40 countries. The main trademarks: TM Hlebnyi Dar, TM Kozatska Rada, TM First Guild, TM Perepelka, TM Celsius, TM Vozduh, TM Rada, TM Koblevo, TM Marengo. H...(523)

“Pobeda Сonfectionery” is one of the biggest chocolate manufacturers in Russia.

POBEDA1 “Pobeda Сonfectionery” is one of the biggest chocolate manufacturers in Russia. The company started its journey in the late 1990s. It was a tough period, both historically and economically. And “Pobeda” not only survived, but became one of the leaders. We talked to the company’s president Vitaliy Muravyov about this journey. If one writes an encyclopedia article about your company, what would be the main facts? “Pobeda” confectionery was founded in 1999. Now we may confidently say that it’s ...(592)

One of the largest confectionery leaders of CIS

KONTI1 “Konti” – is a successful fast growing company with a leading position in the confectionery market within the CIS countries which sells its products in more than 20 countries around the world. “Konti” – is an innovative high-tech production, a wide range of products, with more than 200 species, perfect compliance with all sanitary and technological standards with the guarantee of highest quality products. Range of products The range of “Konti-RUS” includes more than 200 names of confectioner...(521)

MAY creates superior value

MAY1 The history of MAY company begins in 1991. The company was founded by Igor Lisinenko. Today, he is the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Competent analysis of the market and accurate calculation made it possible to create a new enterprise, which became the first Russian producer of high quality tea. Today MAY is the second largest player in the Russian tea market. It is an innovative and fast-paced organization. The company produces several well known and loved tea brands such as Maiskiy, ...(478)

120 years of tradition and innovation - Grupo Mahou-San Miguel

grupo-mahou Beer. The oldest and the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world, possibly dating back to the early Neolithic or 9500 BC, recorded in the written history of ancient Iraq and ancient Egypt. Archaeologists believe that beer was instrumental in the formation of civilizations! Beer has changed and developed a lot since its beginnings. Nowadays we know hundreds of beer styles and every country has their own types, just like the most renown breweries have their secret formulas, special produc...(4483)

Polska Woda Revisited

Water is not only a source of life, but also a necessary condition for good health and an essential component of a balanced diet. It is a well-known fact that living organisms can hardly do without water. What is more, our wellbeing levels also depend on it. Experts suggest drinking at least 2 litres of water per day and this piece of advice remains valid not only with sportsmen or those on the go, but with each and every one of us. No wonder, then, that the bottled water industry is growing ...(3666)

Taste of Tradition - Lemke

Georg Lemke GmbH & Co. KG is a company with long tradition and renown among the industry. For over 110 years, the company has been known as a manufacturer of exceptional confectionery ingredients that have whet people’s appetites all around the world. The company supplies products such as marzipan, apricot kernel paste, nougat and filling creams, as well as a grand assortment of processed nuts. The manufacture of products made from almonds, hazelnuts and apricot kernels is the core of the com...(3417)

The subtle taste of oriental sweetness - Kervan

Turkey. For hundreds of years a bridge between East and West. Istanbul - the current capital of the country - once was considered the center of the civilized world, and now dazzles tourists, amazed by the remnants of the ancient power of the Byzantine Empire and great sultans. Turkey – Gate of the Orient, fascinates artists and dreamers, being the eternal source of inspiration. Placed between two worlds, the country is home to strong, enterprising people, proud of the great achievements of th...(4467)

Sweet delight for every pocket - Zhytomyr confectionary factory

Zhytomyr confectionary factory ZhL is one of the top five confectionery producers in Ukraine. It is a successful company, which has been steadily growing for many years. For more than 60 years on the market the company has built successful relationships with partners and consumers while its products went on to become favorites for many families. Beginnings and growth The factory was founded in 1944. In those difficult war years the company produced about 130 kg of cakes, cookies and biscuits ...(3625)

Not just manufacturing - Angst

Angst is a Romanian-Swiss company which specializes in producing meat products and provides its customers with high quality meat delicacies. Interestingly enough, meat is not the only bent of the manufacturer – to satisfy the expectations of the customers, the enterprise took to the production of... dairy. That is not all, as at the retail stores branded Angst one will find a great variety of food and non-food products in a whole range of price levels – all that to continue the quality and di...(3943)

Ukrainian manufacturer of meat products and sausages - Yuvileinyi

Yuvileinyi was incorporated in 1996. Today it is one of the leaders on the Ukrainian market of sausages and meat delicacies. During 17 years of its activity the company has turned into the largest enterprise of the meat processing industry in Ukraine. Currently, it employs approximately 900 people. The company, headquartered in Dnepropetrovsk, Yuvileinyi, operates branch offices in Donetsk, Zaporozhe, Kryvyi Rih and Odessa and has a network of proprietary shops. History and structure The comp...(3329)

Bakery and confectionery products’ manufacturer - Grain Holding

Companies belonging to Grain Holding produce high quality bakery products. The holding was established in 1997 and today it comprises of 12 entities. The companies operating within its structures specialize in the production and sale of bakery products, as well as preparation and storage of grain, flour and cereal. Today the holding produces approximately 250 tons of bread and more than 500 tons of flour per day, and is able to simultaneously store more than 230 thousand tons of grain. The co...(5166)

Fresh life provider - Orhei-Vit

The name of this Moldavian company encompasses the major aspects of its activity. Or-hei-Vit is the leading producer of juices, baby food and other food products in the region with sales over 25 countries. The company started its life 65 years ago in Orhei, a very beautiful agricultural place in Moldova, which formed the first part in the name of the company. The other part of the name is from a Latin word “vita”, which means “life”. And that part of the name stands for all the minerals and v...(5672)

Sweet quality everyday - Kommunarka

Success is achieved only by those who put into their work not only strength and intellect but also the energy of their heart. This belief had been followed by OJSC Kommunarka every single day in their work. That is how confectionary specialists from Belarus conquer the hearts of customers day by day. From 1905 till nowKommunarka is a company with a long tradition. It all started in 1905 at a small bakery which had been producing confectionary. In those days it was a rather modest business; it...(5622)

A land flowing with chocolate - Natra

Spanish royalty drank it hot, flavored with sugar and honey. It could be pure, with cocoa solids and cocoa butter in varying proportions. It could be dark, white or it may have a milky taste. What is it? Of course chocolate. Spanish invaders learned about cocoa from the Aztecs in the 1500s and brought it to Europe. Thus, Spain was a cradle of European chocolate tradition. By production and sale of chocolate and cocoa products, Natra S.A., Spain-based multinational holding company, has been co...(6607)

A factory of liquid gold - Canoliva

There are few things more associated with Spain than its olive oil. This is understandable, as Spain is the world’s number one olive cultivator. Regardless of the quantity of said olives – the variety and standard are utterly superb and that’s what makes the Spanish extra virgin olive oil a definite leader among its competition. Canoliva, Antonio Cano e Hijos, S.A., one of the Spanish most resilient olive producers, invited us to take a closer look at the land of olives and olive oil. Brief h...(5368)

A company with tradition - Grodno meat-packing plant

The Belarussian town of Grodno, where JSC Grodno meat-packing plant is located, has been historically connected with meat-packing industry. In XVI century, when Grodno was ruled by Rzeczpospolita and governor Staefan Batory, Grodno first became famous for its gastronomic traditions. During the years of his government Grodno castle became the favorite residence of the monarch, and the town itself became political, social-economical, and religious centre of the country. In Batory army represent...(7365)

A great taste for business - Carnicas Serrano

There are many things to be associated with Spain. For some it would be corrida, for dance lovers it would obviously be flamenco and for many of us pleasure seekers - white sandy beaches. For gourmet cuisine lovers however, the first thing that comes to mind must be – apart from top quality Spanish wine – world class charcuterie and meat. Spanish jamon is famous around the world for its dryness and exquisite taste. And the hero of our today’s reading – a Spanish company named Carnicas Serrano...(5434)

The world of oil - Aceites Abril

The company Aceites Abril S.L. (Ltd.) is one of the leading companies on the market of olive oil production in Spain. Behind the production of every bottle of oil there is a highly skilled team of more than 50 workers, who insure that all products of Aceites Abril adhere to the highest standard of safety and quality. History of the companyThe company Aceites Abril S.L. has a long history and tradition which dates back to 1962 – the year of its foundation in Mora de Toledo (the region of La Ma...(6877)

Freshly squeezed olive juice - Monini

Nature, craftsmanship, and tradition combine to create the top quality products of the Italian manufacturer of extra virgin olive oil. Monini, established in the twenties of the previous century, enjoys prosperity and growth up until recently, and that – with excellent prospects for the future. The beginningIt was 1920 when Zefferino Monini, building on his organizational talents and horticultural knowledge of olives, the fruit he particularly liked, started his production of extra virgin oli...(5574)

Dynamic Russian wheat grain processing company - Pava

OJSC PAVA is one of the biggest and the most dynamically developing wheat grain processing companies in Russia. PAVA is specialized in producing flour and feed mixes, as well as in purchasing, storage and selling of grains. The most important factor, due to which the company has gained trust and popularity around the whole Russia and in many partner countries, is quality. PAVA flour is produced from ecologically pure grain cultivated in Altay region, which is a traditional supplier of high-gl...(7308)

Brest Distillery Company BELALCO

Brest Distillery Company BELALCO was founded in 1897 - thus the company has been existing for more than 110 years on the market. Nowadays the company is one of the biggest liqueur and spirits producer in Belarus. During the 110 years each period was very important, as each year, each month, each change is a step forward to success and to the level which the company has achieved by now. Development of the CompanyThe history of Belalco began on April 1, 1987, when Brest State Wines Warehouse No...(7170)

The goose that lays golden eggs - Fermy Drobiu Woźniak

Every four egg consumed in Poland comes from Fermy Drobiu Woźniak (Woźniak Poultry Farm). If it is not good enough already, you should know also that only 30% of what the company turns out is put on the Polish market. The business is located in Żylice near Rawicz (the voivodeship of Major Poland), where more than 20 years ago Zbigniew Woźniak built it up from scratch. Its rapid growth stands out as a perfect example of the simple truth. As a beginner you do not need wads of cash to achieve su...(8742)

The spirit of freedom - Sarmat

JSC Sarmat is among the leading Breweries in Ukraine. Sarmat produces 8 types of beer, for almost each taste. In 2008 the world’s second largest brewery company - SABMiller Plc acquired the company’s shares and is now the main owner of Sarmat.Written by Kateryna Ferdyn. Based on the Interview with Technical Director, SARMAT JSC, John F. Cathcart.Towards the Workers’ Needs The construction of brewery lasted from 1952 to 1962. The history of brewery started in 1951, when Stalin, the General Sec...(7562)

Quality in nutrition on the market of legumes - Alimentos Naturales

Alimentos Naturales, S.A. is a company specialized in the selection, production, packaging and marketing of pulses. Its offer is dedicated to the high consumption market in the food sector. Due to its careful requirements in the selection of raw materials, production and distribution, Alimentos Naturales is the leader company in this sector in Spain. It also has some of the leading brands on the international market.HistoryThe origin of the company dates back to 1988, when two enterprises – G...(6414)

Cult of vegetables - Bonduelle

Bonduelle Polska SA is a dynamically developing branch of the Bonduelle Group, the world’s leader in processed vegetables. The company carries out its activity in 40 production facilities situated all over the world and its brand- Bonduelle is present in 80 countries nowadays.Focusing on three vegetable technologies (canned, frozen and fresh ones), Bonduelle keeps on widening the range of its products and introducing innovative solutions, which is possible thanks to extensive know-how in vege...(5978)

Polish vegs and French style - d'aucy

d’aucy Polska Sp. z o. o. (LLC) combines Globus Polska’s vast experience in convenience foods processing with the secret recipes protected by the CECAB French corporate group. If you can’t spare the time for cooking and still want to enjoy a healthy diet, consider buying a ready supply of d’aucy fruits and vegs grown in spotless and fertile areas all over Europe. Out of a frying pan or a steam cooker and straight onto your table, in this way you will get a meal which is delicious, rich in vit...(5626)

Passion for Fruit - Atlanta Poland

For nearly 20 years now, Atlanta Poland S.A. (Joint-Stock Company), Gdańsk, Poland, has been taking due care to provide Polish Customers with top quality delicacies such as raisins, nuts, almonds and figs. Over these years, the business has managed to build up a good rapport with suppliers all over the globe, launch its own production lines, go public and implement all the necessary quality assurance systems. As a result, it can now provide jobs for more than 200 people in Gdańsk and Dąbrowa ...(5137)

One of a few in Europe – one of a kind - Fabios

Producing collagen casings of high quality, Fabryka Osłonek Białkowych FABIOS S.A. is one of a few production plants of this kind in Europe. The company’s products are used in the meat processing industry, i.e. in the production of processed meat and other food products. For 36 years FABIOS has consistently widened the product range and improved production technology, thus gaining recognition and good reputation as a reliable business partner all over the world. Written by Anna ChudzikStartin...(6084)

The taste of tradition - Virtu

As inextricable part of a country’s culture, food may be its flagship and pride. If you strive to get to know some of the culture of Poland and taste the traditional Polish cuisine, turn to the products offered by Virtu. Present on the Polish market since 1992, the company specializes in the production of both fresh and frozen ready-to-serve meals, many of which are deeply rooted in the Polish culinary tradition. Written by Anna ChudzikStages of development Functioning under the name Virtu Sp...(6052)
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