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Global success built on big dreams and humanitarian work - Viraj Profiles Ltd

viraj21 Viraj Profiles Ltd is a great example of a company that on a daily basis is turning its success into something bigger and more important than just business activity. It would not be possible to name all the initiatives Viraj is involved in, because there are so many of them, but in a nutshell those most important ones are connected with local communities such as empowering women to use their potential and their skills to start up their own businesses and creating educational places for child...(228)

“One day I will have friends in the four corners of the world, friends that the others tend to call customers” - AMOB Máquinas e Ferramentas S.A.

amob It is all about efficiency, quality and dedication. We are talking about AMOB, a Portuguese enterprise, located in the small town of Louro, in the district of Braga. The company, now led by his son Manuel Barros and his grandchildren´s Manuel António Barros e Inês Barros, counts among the best in the branch and is a leading partner on international markets.(252)

International expansion and local support

11 Symaga, an international and widely recognized company producing silos, is a perfect example of successful and sustainable business. Its well-balanced approach to investments in new technologies goes hand in hand with its help for local communities and numerous NGO’s worldwide. More than thirty years after its beginnings in Villarta de San Juan, the company still supports the development of the region and sponsors a variety of local initiatives. A great evolutionThe history of Symaga dates b...(550)

A steel tubes and pipes producer with 35 years of experience

TMK-ARTROM TMK-ARTROM is one of Europe’s leading industrial seamless pipes manufacturers and General Management Unit for all TMK-European Division’s companies. With hundreds of customers in Europe, USA and Canada it is a key global player in its field. Company backgroundTMK-ARTROM began as IT Slatina, a state owned company established in Romania in 1982. Following the fall of communism it became the public limited company ARTROM SA in 1991. Having underwent the privatization process was listed in Bucha...(588)

Proinvest Group - Unlimited Steel Solutions

proinvest Proinvest Group is a multiproduct company with multiple manufacturing facilities specialized in steel processing. It develops, manufactures and markets semifinished steel products, steel components and systems for construction, engineering and industry, from simple components for construction and up to tooling and precision mechanical components.(738)

Russian manufacturer of replacement equipment and spare parts

22 The main direction of activity of Mekhanoremontnyi Сomplex is the production of replacement equipment and spare parts for technological units of metallurgical and ore-dressing industries, the production of new aggregates and parts, the development of structures and their modernization. The company also provides repairs and maintenance of mechanical, electric steelmaking and lifting equipment of metallurgical and ore-dressing industries. The most important moments in company’s development In ...(643)

Leading Russian metals company

MMK2 MMK is one of the world’s largest steel producers. The company’s operations in Russia include a large steel producing complex encompassing the entire production chain, from preparation of iron ore to downstream processing of rolled steel. MMK turns out a broad range of steel products with a predominant share of high-value-added products. Flagship of the country’s iron and steel industryThe history of MMK begins in 1932. The first cast iron at the plant was mined on February 1, 1932. In July ...(828)
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