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Paper & Packaging

Evertis - Working for a better tomorrow

evertis The international group Control PET counts on more than 60 years of experience in the polymers industry. The group’s first industrial site was established in Santo Tirso, Portugal in 1959 and pioneered PET extrusion. The Control PET group owns the subsidiaries Evertis and Selenis. At Evertis the group specialises in the production of mono and multilayer semi rigid barrier films for food and non-food packaging, whilst their sister company, Selenis, focuses on the production of specialty co-po...(494)

‘Made in Italy’ leader in labelling and barcode solutions

33 Listed on the stock exchange by June 2017, Finlogic Spa is a leading company in the Italian market for the production of labels and automatic identification systems at 360°. Silvia Tittozzi (Head of Marketing at Finlogic) is making us familiar with the company’s beginnings, portfolio, present position and the impact it is making, plans to become the player in the European market and all the other important matters about the company. Finlogic Spa in numbersEvaluating company’s success, the nu...(728)

Packaging and printing leader from South of Russia

Grafobal3 The company is a part of the Slovak holding Grafobal Group, which has more than 110-year history in the world market of packaging and printing services and is one of the leaders in the printing market in Central and Eastern Europe. The holding enterprises are located in Slovakia, Russia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Lithuania. Company HistoryLLC Grafobal – Don traces its history in Russia from January 25, 2005, when the company officially opened in Rostov-on-Don. Grafobal - Don is subsid...(926)

Young, dynamic, determined - Eurocast

The financial crisis has turned upside down the relations between enterprises, representing both manufacturing and service industries and their environment, particularly in relation to the Consumer purchasing decisions. Time of great prosperity, an endless spiral of consumption has passed forever, and Customers began to pay closer attention on the products they were choosing. Once again, even among the citizens of developed countries, the main incentive to purchase the product was the relatio...(5102)

Unique Enterprise - Goznak

Thinking about a successful business you would think about a product or products that are most demanded by most of the consumers or most of a certain group of consumers. But what would you say about covering all the population of a country. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? That may sound hypothetically for some, but not for Goznak. It is a unique Russian enterprise in the field of security printing, paper and coin and order production, and it is important for the activity of the whole country. ...(6202)

A significant role - Unipapel

The word ‘papel’ is an interesting one in the Spanish language. It means ‘paper’, but can also mean ‘role’. And for Unipapel Group – Spanish wholesaling leader in manufacturing and processing paper – it’s time for a more significant role in the world market. Due to an acquisition made recently – a purchase of Adimpo, Spanish biggest wholesaler specializing in distribution of IT materials – the company is expected to be an European leader in wholesale distribution of school and office material...(7030)

The shield for your goods - Pregis

A brand of global range, Pregis Corporation focuses on supplying protective, flexible, food and medical packaging products. The firm has achieved worldwide recognition for innovative protective technologies as well as for the widest assortment of solutions, including commonly recognized trademarks such as Bag-in-Bag, Jiffy, AirSpeed and Envoy. Pregis prides itself on exceptional customer service standards and availability of sales people, who address the needs of the most choosy clientele in ...(6653)
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