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One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Russia

vertex1 WERTEKS is a pharmaceutical company from St. Petersburg that produces pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, dietary supplements and medical devices. About 80 of more than 130 medicines manufactured by the company are on the List of Vital and Essential Drugs. The main directions of WERTEKS production are: cardiology, dermatology, allergology, gynecology, neurology, dentistry, psychiatry and many others. The company is actively and continuously expanding its product range. Based on an exclusive intervie...(4173)

Romanian development in a broader perspective - Romvac Company

Each year, the veterinary pharmaceutical industry invests in new innovations in animal health. Scientists have developed numerous medicines that have resulted in dramatic improvements in the prevention and treatment of animal health. Animal medicines are also an important link in the food safety chain and crucial while talking about providing a healthier food supply. The responsibilities have a direct effect on the human’s safety for that reason their main objective is to protect and raise th...(3176)

A success story from Morocco - SOTHEMA

SOTHEMA is a fast growing pharmaceutical company based in the region of Casablanca, Morocco. The very beginning of SOTHEMA project started in 1976 with the production of a toothpaste and mouthwash as main activity. The portfolio of the laboratory consisted in only two references and the number of employees didn’t exceed 10 people. In 1980, SOTHEMA built its first real factory of 2600 m² covered area in the industrial zone of Bouskoura, located about 20 km from Casablanca. Alongside this inves...(7264)


geropharm GEROPHARM is one of the TOP-20 leading Russian pharmaceutical producers. The company’s dynamic growth since its incorporation in 2001 allowed it to become one of the prominent members of the pharmaceutical market and an expert in the pharmaceutical community. GEROPHARM was included in the TOP-30 fastest growing high-tech Russian companies in the 2012 rating “TekhUspekh” TOP-10 in 2013. The company is a resident of the Saint Petersburg pharmaceutical cluster and a biopharmaceutical cluster in...(3087)

A great history... and a great future - Merck

You probably have heard the name before. It’s been around for a long time. You maybe even have a clue what does the firm produce. You’ve seen the logo, you’ve watched the commercials. It’s hard to ignore, as Merck is one of the most active pharmaceutical companies worldwide. You’ve been a customer and perhaps you didn’t even know it. The variety of goods produced at Merck’s is truly impressive. Little do you know that there are two companies called Merck... Pharmacy ages agoIt all began way b...(4191)

Providing safety and giving access to the best healthcare products - Faes Farma

Pharmaceutics is the profession that links our desire of being health with the field of chemical sciences and it is charged with ensuring the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical drugs. The word pharmaceutics derives from the Greek ph-ar-maki which means: who provides a safety. Providing safety and giving access to the best healthcare products to everyone, Spanish pharmaceuticals company, Faes Farma meets their commitments dealing mainly with the manufacture and marketing of pharmaceutica...(4020)

Serious taking care of your health - Borimed

There are various ways to success. Some get right there in a short period of time, while others carefully take step by step reaching the goal. JSC “Borisovskiy Zavod Medicinskikh Preparatov” was founded quite a while ago, and looking back at its history will help see the steps it took to reach its current position on the market. It is a modern Belarus-based dynamically developing pharmaceutical factory with new technology and high quality production. It is the biggest pharmaceutical enterpris...(4164)
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