Wednesday Jul 23
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eltur-serwisELTUR-SERWIS Sp. z o.o.
PRESIDENT: Jan Wędzonka
ESTABLISHED: 28.12.2000 
EMPLOYEES: over 700 people

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Eltur-Serwis is a Poland-based limited liability company offering complex construction, installation, repair and maintenance services for the power engineering sector in the following areas: design, organization of the construction site, delivery of materials and equipment, execution, supervision, quality control, warranty and post-warranty service. Professional approach, comprehensive offer and highly qualified staff earned the firm a reputation as a reliable partner and service provider. As a daughter company of PGE Elektrownia Turów S.A. (the Turów power plant), Eltur-Serwis quickly achieved national renown and emerged as a competitive and strong player on the Polish market. 

Written by: Marcin Zimny

Prime the pipe

The beginnings of the enterprise date back to 1961 when the repair and maintenance section was set up as part of the Turów power plant. In 2000, as a result of modernization of the power plant, the repair and maintenance section was detached from other sections and made independent by forming a separate company. Nowadays, Eltur-Serwis provides comprehensive building, installation, repair and investment services for the construction industry in the power engineering sector. During the past nine years of activity, the company had to prove that it is a professional and reliable partner in business dealings. Drawing on extensive experience of the Turów power plant, highly qualified staff and advanced technology laid the foundations for a robust development of a newly formed company. Nevertheless, since the power plant was state-owned, a lot of practices had to be revamped. Eltur-Serwis required new ways and methods with a view to increasing the efficacy and adapting to volatile market trends. It also needed to build customer confidence from scratch. Today, almost a decade later, the company can speak of success. The services are highly personalized and adjusted to customers’ growing demands, including, but not limited to, such areas as the quality of service, plan of execution, types of works as well as conditions of payment for services offered by Eltur-Serwis. The company openly admits that employees are the driving force of the business. “Without experienced staff with special qualifications the business providing this sort of services is doomed to failure,” says Jan Wędzonka, the president of the Eltur-Serwis management board. Moreover, the firm is optimistic about investments, particularly in special-purpose equipment and modern technologies, claiming that it is an important element which significantly contributes to the high quality of performance. People always come first, though, as the company’s dictum has it. The firm employs a total of 700 staff members who feel comfortable and happy to work with Eltur-Serwis. Employees do not need to worry about continuity of employment, because employment stability, as Mr Wędzonka reveals, is at much higher level that it is provided by the Polish labour law. The worker’s privileges, which are ensured by an in-house collective responsibility arrangement (Zakładowy Układ Zbiorowy), as well as career and training opportunities are a standard part of employment too. The firm is fully aware of the fact that the development of the business can be achieved only when employees develop their skills and knowledge, therefore it allocated the sum of €130.000 (PLN 600.000) for this purpose last year only. And when it comes to the atmosphere at work, it is always cheerful and friendly, as it is created by people themselves. Mr Wędzonka also says that regardless of a position occupied in the company, it is chiefly up to people and their commitment and lack of prejudices how they will perform at work.

Setting targets

Eltur-Serwis offers a wide array of services related to building, including repairs and construction. Yet there are certain areas to which the company gives priority. For instance, at the moment it focuses chiefly on repairs, investments and electrical power equipment service. The main recipient of the firm’s services is the Turów power plant and that is why a lot of attention is given to this customer. The slogan “Eltur-Serwis Gwarancją Niezawodności” (lit. Eltur-Serwis – Reliability Guaranteed) encapsulates the general policy in day-to-day business practice. On the whole, the company is responsible for an operation of equipment and devices in the Turów power plant. Currently, a big investment which consists in building a system of biomass co-combustion in fluid boilers comes to an end in the Turów power plant. The task of Eltur-Serwis is to build the system, manage it and provide the power plant with biomass. As Mr Wędzonka reveals, “it will be our contribution to the production of ‘green energy’. In two power units a maximum of 180 thousand tons of biomass will be burnt in two boilers.” The green issues play significant role in the company’s policy as well. The enterprise is fully aware of effects and risks that this type of activity entails in relation to the environment. Therefore, it feels a social and moral responsibility for regional welfare. Thanks to the implementation of PN-EN ISO 14001: 2005 environmental management system, the company is obliged to reduce the negative effects on the environment to the minimum. For instance, in 2008 a washing station for over-oiled elements was completed. The investment was closely related to the targets implemented by the company’s authorities. The washing station makes it possible to wash and clean large over-oiled components, including electric motors (engines), internal-combustion engines (diesels), transmission systems ex. chain transmission systems, scaffoldings, pumps (pumps’ main-bodies and rotors), propelling cylinders (barrels) and conveyors, forklift trucks, chains, ropes (lines), bolts and flaps (lids), valves, throttles (valves) and heat exchangers. Chemical agents used by the station are neither harmful nor noxious to the environment, as they dilute after being dissolved in water. In other words, they are biodegradable. The whole washing process takes place in a closed cycle (circuit) and, as a result, all environmental perils are entirely eliminated and a nuisance is minimized. By the time the station was built, washing had been harmful to surface waters that were frequently exposed to contamination by oily liquids. Now, with the washing station, this is the thing of the past. What is more, the company is truly engaged in the protection of the environment and management of natural resources, as, for example, it washes squares and plots of lands as well as it waters green areas using collected rainwater.

Fair player

Eltur-Serwis can boast a number of prestigious titles and certificates, which shows that its achievements were noticed and appreciated. For the past consecutive years the company was awarded the title of “Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play” (lit. Fair Play Company). In 2005 it won the first prize in the competition, thus proving that it is a trustworthy business partner. Another noteworthy distinction was “Laur Białego Tygrysa” (lit. White Tiger Laurels). It is granted to outstanding people, businesses, producers, investors and distributors from the power engineering industry for the implementation of innovative products or solutions related to the organization of work, marketing or customer service. The enterprise was awarded with the title two times: in 2006 for design and implementation of modern flame-powder spraying technology with penetration of boiler pipes, and in 2008 for implementation of an environmentally-friendly solution – the washing station for over-oiled elements. On the other hand, social and cultural activity is an inherent part of a non-business activity of Eltur-Serwis. The company is sensitive to the needs of the local society, therefore it gets involved in charity campaigns and promotes culture and health. By supporting local health care centres, schools and local sports events, the enterprise also contributes to organization of many local events.

Quality policy

The quality policy which was adopted when the business started developing is conscientiously followed at every stage of production, repair and any other service that the company provides. In this trade it is essential to have all indispensable permits and documents in order to offer complex specialist services. The high quality of the company’s products and services is confirmed by numerous certificates. In 2003, Eltur-Serwis implemented the Integrated Management System conforming to the standards: PN-EN ISO 9001:2001, PN-EN ISO 14001:2005, PN-N-18001:2004, PN-EN ISO 3834:2-2007, which allowed the firm to render services at the top level. The following certificates awarded by Urząd Dozoru Technicznego - CERT (Office of Technical Inspection – Certification Body), with its registered office in Warsaw, include an attestation that the Company acts in compliance with the requirements of the above-mentioned standards: Certificate No CSJSB/062/2006 confirming the compliance of the Integrated Management System with the requirements of PN-EN ISO 9001:2001, PN-EN ISO 14001:2005, PN-N-18001:2004, Quality System Certificate confirming its compliance with the requirements of PN-EN ISO 3834:2-2007. The company has also the Quality System in the Destructive and Nondestructive Testing Laboratory conforming to PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.



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