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Yawal S.A. is one of the leading suppliers of architectural aluminum profile systems in Poland. The systems are environmentally friendly, energy-saving solutions designed for windows, doors, façades, partition walls, winter gardens, skylights, balustrades and sunshades. More on the company, its new investments and position in the market in a Manufacturing Journal interview with the President of the Board Magdalena Jagiełło.

Last time we had the opportunity to speak with you in 2014. What has changed within your company since then?

In the past years Yawal S.A. has undergone significant changes from the change of the Management Board to a complete change of our brand identity and the way we communicate with the market. In the beginning of 2016 we presented our new logo. The colors reflect the modern character of our brand while the graphic design reflects its solid character. Yawal has also undergone significant strategic changes. A completely new strategy and mission of the company have been developed for the coming years. We want to be the most valued Polish aluminum company in Europe and the most European aluminum company in Poland. All our strategic steps are moving us in this direction. As part of our strategy, we have also launched an innovative project called on the Polish market.

What makes your company so successful? What assets help you win customers?

We are constantly working on strengthening our position in the market of aluminum systems. Definitely our customers trust us because we offer high quality products and individual approach to each project. Yawal not only delivers high quality systems, we also offers expert support to the investors at the stage of architectural design. Our experts work with our customers to develop the best solutions both in terms of style and technology. We assist them in the preparation of technical documentation, valuations and in carrying out the required tests. Our services are complex, and this is what our customers value most. Another added value for our customers is the trainings provided by the Yawal Academy. Every year we organize a series of conferences tailored to the needs of different groups of customers: contractors, fitters, designers or architects. During our training they receive solid theoretical knowledge, but most importantly, they develop practical skills that can be applied in their daily work.

Which of your products do you think is the most important and why?

It is not possible to select only one aluminum system as different require different solutions. If I had to choose, I would say that currently our most important project is This project targets individual consumers and its main purpose is to educate private investors about different aluminum solutions for the home. The internet platform was established as part of the program. The platform combines an online knowledge base and a nationwide network of specialist stores, which offer aluminum solutions and place great importance on their proper, warm assembly.

Could you tell us about your production technologies and production facilities?

Our unquestionable competitive advantage is the ability to carry out the entire production process within our Group. This gives us full independence and market flexibility. As the Group we have three lines for aluminum profile pressing located in Dąbrowa Górnicza and Herbach near Czestochowa. Our products can be painted on two paint lines: horizontal and vertical suspension system profiles or processed in one of Europe’s largest anodizing plant depending on customer preferences. We also have a high-storage warehouse, which allows us to quickly respond to the changing market demand.

What is the strategic potential of your business and its key to success?

As in every company, our greatest potential is qualified and motivated staff. Our team is partly made up of experts with many years of experience in the aluminum industry. Another part are young employees who bring enthusiasm, fresh ideas and insights, but also are able to quickly absorbing knowledge from the more experienced colleagues.

Intensification of activities and consistent action has led to your expansion into foreign markets. Is it difficult to win the trust of a foreign client?

I think that gaining customer confidence is equally difficult in today’s world both with domestic and foreign clients. The difficulty which arises in the case of new markets is rather associated with the need to conduct a lot of research and obtain a greater number of permits and approvals which allow the manufacturer’s products to enter a foreign market.

How has the Polish and international markets changed over the past five years, and what changes do you anticipate in the near future?

What is different about Poland and international markets is the share of aluminum in the joinery market. In our country it is only 10%, while for western neighbors it is 1/5 of the market share. However, I would not divide the trends into Polish and international, I be would more inclined towards the concept of global trends. For the past few years, great glazing and narrow window profiles have become increasingly popular. Such large windows and doors makes it next to impossible to use plastic and wooden window profiles. This in turn is a great opportunity to increase the share of aluminum window profiles. This trend is a perfect opportunity for our project, which for the time being focuses only on Polish customers in order to catch up with the rest of Europe. Another important trend in construction and architecture is ecology. In our case it translates into passive window and door systems (the best example is our window and door system TM 102HI). Another eco solution that we offer is installation of photovoltaic modules on shutters or balustrades, so that it becomes possible not only to save energy but also to produce it.

How many people are working for the success of the company?

Currently in Yawal S.A. employs about 260 people.

What are Yawal’s development plans for the coming years? In which direction do you want your business to go?

The coming years will be extremely busy for us. In line with our strategy, we have set ourselves three main lines of action. Of course, the core of our operation is still going to be large object-oriented investment, where we can fully demonstrate the capabilities of our systems. The Poznan Tall Tower is one of our recent projects. It was opened this year in Poznań and it catches your eye with its interesting architecture. Another area that we definitely want to develop is direct and indirect export, which is currently growing at a rapid pace in Poland. We also want to get a share of this. We are currently preparing to intensify our activities in Europe and North America. In recent weeks, we have obtained the approval of the ATG of the BCCA, which allows the FA 50N to be marketed in the Belgian market. The third aspect we are focusing on right now is the development of the direct consumer sales, which, in our opinion, has been neglected by manufacturers of aluminum windows and systems for years. This market has tremendous potential and we believe that the first company that will meet the needs of this market segment will become the leader. That is why we created our project

What new products and new technologies will appear in your offer in the future?

Our R & D specialists are constantly working to improve the quality and performance of our systems. Much of their time is devoted to working on new solutions. In the autumn of last year, we introduced a completely new window and door system TM 102HI, which offers spectacular performance in terms of the heat transfer coefficient, which reaches 0.4 W / m2K. Next year we plan to launch a new door panel entry system and a very thin window system that will offer unrestricted view.

What are you most proud of?

We are proud of the results and growth we have achieved recently. Yawal’s financial performance is the result of hard work of all of our employees who do their best to maintain customer loyalty.

What prizes, titles and recognitions would you like to share with our readers?

In the end of 2017 we received such important certificates as Certificate of Credibility from Creditreform and Certificate of Golden Payer awarded by Euler Hermes. We we also distinguished in the prestigious rating Construction Mark of the Year 2017 prepared by ASM Center for Market Research and Analysis.

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