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Valplast Industrie is one of the leading manufacturers of pipes and complete PVC systems based in Romania. The company successfully combines advanced technology with superior customer service to create sophisticated and diverse product range. Valplast produces a wide range of solutions including plastic sewers, water well pipes, drain pipes, pressure pipes, pipes for protection of electrical and telecommunication cables and composite manhole covers. Valplast is a well known brand, recognized for the high quality of products.

Company profile
The history of Valplast goes back to 2001, when the company was established. The first years were the period of the most intensive development. Production of PVC piping was launched in 2002. And in 2003 the company began to manufacture compact PVC. That same year, the commercial, economic, quality and production departments were established. In 2004 Valplast added PVC water well pipe and the high quality sewer pipe to the product range. The continuous growth of the company has led to the development of another innovative product the PVC injection fittings. Valplast Industrie became the first producer of such fittings on the Romanian market. The high quality of the fittings has been confirmed with ISO 14001 certificated, which was obtained by the company in 2007. Ongoing product development has led to yet another addition to the Valpalst product family. In 2009 the production of sound absorbing tubing, 4 Silence, has begun. And in 2010, the company set up its Supply Chain department. The newest products manufactured by Valplast Industrie are composite caps and sewerage system basins, production of which began in 2015. Such rapid development and consolidation of the company on the Romanian and international markets was possible due to the availability of high tech used in the production. But this is not the only component of Valplast success. Other very important variables include the highly skilled and experienced team involved in all processes from manufacturing to delivery, the high quality of the finished products, the use of high quality raw materials, implementation and maintenance of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environment standards, innovation, product range development and environmental care. And last but not least, the customer satisfaction policy, which is of utmost importance to Valplast. The company successfully meets the needs of the domestic market. It also exports products to the EU and CIS countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece and the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Moldova and Serbia. Having achieved a strong position in the domestic market, nowadays the company is focusing on developing its operations in as many markets as possible by participating in international trade fairs. “Attracting new customers and building lasting partnerships are the main ways of developing the company. Among our key partners we can mention Romstal Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova and Serbia, Valrom Ukraine and Bulgaria, Valsir Italy,” said Bogdan Tataru, general manager of Valplast.

Components of success
Valplast Industrie aims to become the largest provider of PVC solutions and products for industrial and public sectors. The company explores different ways to achieve this goal such as partnerships with suppliers and customers, technical advice and direct participation in large-scale projects, as well as co-financing and smart sales system. Several factors contribute to the growing popularity of Valplast products and success of the company in the marketplace. The main advantage of the company is clear understanding of the requirements of an increasingly evolving market. Valplast Industrie has a highly effective quality department which is responsible for the implementation of the ISO 9001 and ISO14001 quality and environmental quality control system. The company has olso created a RENAR accredited laboratory to support the quality department. “Being a producer of PVC based components, environmental protection is one of the most important areas of activity for our company. We aim to minimize the environmental impact of all our activities. We use environmental stabilizers instead of lead in the production process. We make sure that carbon footprint of all Valplast products is low. We also reuse raw materials accumulated during the production process. Energy efficiency is another important point for us. Photovoltaic panels placed on the buildings make it possible to produce more that 400 kW/h of our own electricity,” explained Bogdan Tataru.

Never stop growing
“The plastics pipe market is expected to grow steadily as new applications for PVC solutions are discovered all the time. PVC’s durability and ease of installation make it a natural replacement for the metal pipe. That is why, continuous growth is one of the main priorities for Valplast. In the near future we plan to increase our production capacity by more than 20%. This kind of growth in production requires another production facility. So, one of our main projects right now is the construction of a new facility of about 2500 square meters. It will be put into operation by the end of next year,” said Bogdan Tataru. In a highly competitive market with a high growth rate, Valplast Industrie constantly invests in technologies and systems in order to guarantee prompt response to customer requirements and changing market conditions. New technologies and systems support rapid growth of the company. Due to investment in the production lines production capacity of the enterprise has steadily increased each year. Currently the annual output of Valplast exceeds 20,000 tonnes. And high quality of products remains a major factor in building the company’s credibility.

Comprehensive product range
Valplast manufactures a wide variety of high quality, high performance plastic pipe and also offers a steady stream of innovative products and materials for its customers. The company became the most reliable plastic pipe source offering competitive costs and the expertise required to satisfy customer demand across many industries and applications. Valplast offers the most comprehensive range of plastic pipes, which consists of 4 distinct product lines. Basicline is a system of pipes, fittings and accessories for the construction of a buried external sewerage network. Springline is the solution for watering wells and the water supply solutions. Drainline is the solution for industrial or domestic drainage. And Cableline is the solution for protection of tubes used for the construction of buried electrical networks and fiber optic networks. In addition to meeting the required specifications, Valplast pipes go through extensive testing to ensure their quality and performance over time. Because they are plastic, they will not corrode, and thus no harm will come to the environment or its inhabitants. “As the leading plastic pipe manufacturer Valplast has made significant investments in development of new products. We consistently produce the highest quality plastic pipe and are committed to ensuring ongoing product excellence,” said Sorin Paraschiv, marketing specialist of Valplast. We are also dedicated to providing responsive customer service. Our flexible approach makes it possible to meet the needs of both large and smaller customers.”




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