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Ericsson expands Managed Services capabilities in China

·         Opening of a new global network operations center (GNOC) in China

·         Strengthening Ericsson's footprint in China, realizing synergies between services and technology R&D

As a direct result of the continued increased demand for managed services globally and in China, Ericsson adds capacity and capability to its managed service delivery and announces the opening of a new global network operations center (GNOC) in China.

"As world's number one telecom services provider, serving customers across the globe we enjoy a constant influx of new competence and ideas, enabling frontline innovation," says Magnus Mandersson, Head of Business Unit Global Services, Ericsson. "We see a great advantage in having the right balance between global and local capabilities to secure our customers' ultimate goal - improved consumer experience and efficient operation. We are pleased to see the continued increased demand for our managed services, in the traditional network domains and within IT,"

The new center adds to the three existing global network operations centers located in Romania , India and Mexico. Ericsson's Global Service Center (GSC) in India now employs more than 5,000 service professionals and houses the world's largest GNOC.

The new operation capabilities complement Ericsson's Chinese service center, which provides a wide range of services such as customer support, network design and optimization, systems integration, network rollout and special event support, among others. The center will initially employee 300 staff and grow to 500 within 3-6 months.

Ericsson is currently managing networks serving more than 800 million subscribers, and more than half of these subscribers are served through its global NOCs.

Ericsson is maximizing scale-efficiencies by concentrating activities that can be delivered remotely in four GSCs. The other centers are located in Romania, Mexico and China. Key to Ericsson's global service delivery engine is having an integrated model where local delivery continuously works with Regional Competence Centers and GSC through common processes, methods and tools. An example is the Managed Services Delivery Platform - a portfolio of tools that enables the efficient operation of a communications network, both locally and from remote operation centers. Ericsson internally has over 22,000 people in nearly 100 countries using it.

Globally, Ericsson has 50,000 in-house service professionals working in 180 countries, including 40,000 working close to the customer and 10,000 in our global or regional centres. In total, 10,000 have expertise within consulting and systems integration. Altogether Ericsson has more than 65,000 service professionals, including an average of 15,000 subcontractors, well positioned to support our customers' need for services around the world.

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