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Greiner Packaging invests into cleanroom production

State-of-the-art cleanroom at German production location Rastatt will commence production by the end of August 2011.


The Austrian packaging producer Greiner Packaging International is further extending its technological variety. At Rastatt (Baden-Württemberg), a cleanroom, class ISO 8 according to EN ISO 14644-1, with an area of 205 sq.m. has been built. If required, it can be upgraded to class ISO 7 within just a few days.


Kremsmünster/Rastatt, 26 August 2011 – At its location in Rastatt, Greiner Packaging International has many decades of experience in the sector of the production of packaging using multi-layer technology, which due to its barrier properties offers a multitude of applications. This is also true for the market segment of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, for which cleanroom production is decisive. In order to achieve the best market opportunities in the future, Greiner Packaging International has opted to invest into cleanroom technology.


20-week construction time

The new cleanroom at Rastatt – including cleanroom class qualification – was built in around 20 weeks. The construction provides for the maximum degree of a dustfree and germfree working atmosphere. The staff enter through a special airlock, they have acquired the relevant qualification for cleanroom work and wear appropriate garments. Continuous measurement of particles and germs in the cleanroom air always ensure compliance with the required cleanroom class. 


Clean workflow

The machine pool at Rastatt is located outside of the cleanroom. Conveyor belts are housed and transport the containers through adjustable wall openings into the cleanroom using laminar flow (low-turbulent displacement flow). Visual control is performed on packing tables. The containers are placed in special cleanroom bags and are then tightly vacuum sealed. Through a wall opening, which is opened and closed using a high-speed gate, they are transported into the material lock for final packing.


Further certifications

The production facility at Rastatt was certified to ISO 9001 standard in the early 1990s. In addition, it has been approved by the BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Berlin, in terms of the production of heavy-duty containers (UN bottles). In the medium term, Greiner Packaging International aims at certification according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) DIN ISO 15378:2006 for the cleanroom sector.


Corporate Data

Greiner Packaging International is one of the leading companies in the European packaging industry. In 2010, the company achieved annual sales of EUR 403 million or 35 per cent of the total Greiner Group sales. Greiner Packaging International employs a workforce of 2.990 employees in Europe.


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