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Next Generation Manufacturing Summit US

Barton Creek Resort & Spa, Austin, Texas
15th - 17th November 2011

Even as China continues to rocket up the global manufacturing charts, a mere one percent behind current runners-up Japan, the general assumption from the public is that China, rather conversely, already stands tall as the global leader when it comes to manufacturing. Yet the simple truth is this: America's torch still burns brightly as the world's number one manufacturing country – out-producing China by a stagerring 40 percent. And how have they done it? By maintaining higher levels of productivity and quality with a leaner manufacturing force concentrated on specialized labor.

But with President Obama detailing at his State of the Union policy last year that the US "can’t just stand still" for a better future – and with the services industry unable to take sole charge and push things forward – it's clear that the revival of North America's economy will lie in its capacity to manufacture.

The NG Manufacturing Summit US will serve to bring together senior executives who are currently investing in innovative solutions that will positively impact their bottom line and solution providers who will need to position themselves at those precise investment hot-spots in order to reap the benefits.
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