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TransAtlantic and StoraEnso to expand cooperation

TransAtlantic and StoraEnso Logistics have signed a cargo agreement,
which covers StoraEnso's consignments of forest products from its mills
in Kemi and Uleåborg. TransAtlantic will deploy six vessels in the
traffic system. Two RoRo vessels will call at Lübeck and Gothenburg, in
addition to the two Finnish ports in the Gulf of Bothnia. Two container
vessels will link Tornio and Uleåborg with Hamburg and Bremerhaven.
These will represent a feeder service for containers with destinations
outside Europe. TransAtlantic will open a new line from Kemi and
Uleåborg to the Belgian ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge. Two RoRo vessels
will be deployed for this new service.
In addition to StoraEnso's cargo, TransAtlantic offers consignment
opportunities to a number of export and import customers in Finland,
Sweden, Germany and the Benelux countries.
The new agreement with StoraEnso Logistics will extend from June 1, 2011
to December 31, 2014.
In connection with the expanded traffic to/from the Gulf of Bothnia,
TransAtlantic will discontinue the service between Kotka and Lübeck,
which has been in operation since early 2009. TransAtlantic will fulfill
its contractual commitments with existing customers by shipping their
cargo with an established operator.
- “StoraEnso is a very important and major customer to us and this
expanded cooperation will allow us to lay a stable foundation for our
increased service in the Baltic Sea. The agreement represents a positive
development for the activities in the Industrial Shipping business area”
says President Rolf Skaarberg.
For further information, please contact President Rolf Skaarberg
or Division Head Mårten Carlquist, at Tel: +46 (0)304 - 67 47 00
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