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R. STAHL takes over products for explosion protection of Orlaco Products B.V.

Strong expansion with explosion-proof camera systems


Waldenburg/Hanover, April 4, 2011 - On occasion of the Hanover Fair R. STAHL AG, Waldenburg and Orlaco Products B.V. Barneveld (The Netherlands) have announced that in the course of an asset deal R. STAHL will take over the explosion-proof products of the Dutch company Orlaco Products B.V.


Orlaco has been successful for many years in the camera business. The products are characterized by high robustness and a light-weight design. Numerous innovations like the smallest explosion-proof camera in the world come from the Netherlands. Also the recent models like a thermal imaging camera or the pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras show the innovation strength of Orlaco. Furthermore, many models are designed for extreme temperature and harsh environment standing for additional potential in the typical customer industries like oil & gas, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, food and beverage as well as for shipbuilding. "By the international sales network of R. STAHL Orlaco products will find a significantly larger market", comments Henrie van Beusekom, Managing Shareholder Orlaco the acquisition.


For several years R. STAHL has successfully offered camera and video systems. Supplemented by the Dutch products this leads to a unique range of camera hardware and camera management software so that complex, fully integrated monitoring system solutions can be offered. This business package shall be concentrated at the R. STAHL Experience GmbH located in Cologne. This will be the competence center within the R. STAHL Group and supply a wide product range of single camera components up to complex customer specific CCTV system solutions including IT services both for safe and explosion-proof area.


"It is the strategic objective of R. STAHL Experience to reach the market leading position in the field of explosion-proof video surveillance systems (CCVT)", says Alain Schellings, Vice President Sales Automation of R. STAHL and future Managing Director of R. STAHL Experience. Orlaco Products B.V. will hold 25% of the shares in the R. STAHL Experience.


The demand of camera surveillance systems will keep on increasing due to higher requirements for safety and security, e.g. protection against terrorism and higher process reliability. Furthermore, the trend toward independence from staff and the possibility of remote control and remote maintenance of the plants in the target industries continues. "By concentrating our experiences and due to the growing demand of our customers in the high-volume camera market we expect within a few years a turnover of 10-15m € per year in this segment," Martin Schomaker, CEO of R. STAHL AG sets the target. "The acquisition of Orlaco is a further step within our growth strategy with that we will consistently expand our market-leading position", says Schomaker.





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