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Renault boosts smartphone presence with Renault mobile site and Renault Travel Box

February 17, 2011 | ID: 27344

Renault mobile site and Renault Travel Box, accessed at “” and on Apple Store, round out Renault’s mobile offering on the iPhone.

From mid-April, Renault mobile site will also be accessible to Android Smartphones equipped with GPS.

Useful, free and easy to use, Renault’s mobile offering will be rolled out gradually in Europe, Russia and Morocco in 2011.

Renault mobile site

A mobile version of the site, Renault mobile site presents the entire Renault range. Users can locate dealerships in Renault’s network thanks to dynamic Google-style mapping, while customers with Smartphones can reserve test drives, order brochures and call the dealership of their choice. A dynamic banner on the homepage displays all Renault’s promotional deals so that site visitors can benefit from the most attractive among them, even from Smartphones. Renault mobile site will be rapidly extended to Europe, and then to Russia and Morocco over the course of 2011.

Renault Travel Box

Renault Travel Box is a complete kit of useful applications, designed to guide and assist Renault customers in their journeys. On the road, Renault Travel Box locates geographical positions and calculates routes. By configuring vehicle characteristics, the application informs users of correct tire pressure and what kind of oil to use. Users also have easy access to a carpooling service and vehicle hire through Renault Rent. Renault Travel Box also features educational games, including a quiz on Renault, a review of the highway code, and a panorama of the meanings of road signs in the 27 countries of the European Union.

The kit will be gradually enhanced with new, practical applications throughout the year.

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