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Outotec acquired phosphorus recycling technology business of ASH DEC Umwelt AG


Outotec acquired phosphorus recycling technology business of ASH DEC Umwelt AG

Outotec has strengthened its portfolio of environmental technologies by acquiring the technologies, trademarks and patents of ASH DEC Umwelt AG. This Austrian based company has developed a process to extract recycled phosphorus fertilizer from ash which is a by-product of incineration of biomass/sludge. The ASH DEC process complements Outotec's existing biomass incineration solutions based on fluidized bed technology. The acquisition price is not disclosed.

Phosphorus is an essential element for human life and its worldwide demand is increasing in line with the population growth. Natural phosphate resources are fast shrinking, and therefore the recycling of phosphorous is essential in many countries to secure supply independence for this valuable resource.

The ASH DEC process cleans the ash from biomass/sludge incineration and converts the phosphate into a bio-available fertilizer compound. The patented process was developed over the last decade, first in pilot plants and later in a demonstration unit. The product of the process was then successfully tested in large field tests which showed excellent results in comparison with standard fertilizers. Outotec intends to commercialize the technology and build the first full scale commercial fertilizer plant with a suitable partner.

"We see good business opportunities for the ASH DEC process, and it supports our target to expand to adjacent industries with high technological synergies. Our plan is to commercialize the process and complement our technology portfolio so that we can offer our customers sustainable solutions for recycling of valuable elements and minimizing waste", says Outotec CEO Pertti Korhonen.

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