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AirFrance KLM January 2011 traffic

  • Passenger: rise in traffic (+4.8%) and load factor (+1.1 point)
  • Cargo: rise in traffic (+2.4%) and stable load factor 

January 2010 was disrupted by snowfall, and a two day strike by air traffic controllers in France, which particularly affected medium-haul, thereby creating a favourable comparison basis.


Passenger business


In January 2011 passenger traffic rose 4.8% with capacity up 3.3%, leading to a 1.1 point gain in the load factor to 79.2%. The number of passengers rose 6.7% to 5.4 million. Nevertheless, unit revenues, although higher than last year, saw a levelling-off. Elsewhere, the geopolitical situation in a number of countries (Ivory Coast, Sahelian region, Tunisia and Egypt) is weighing on revenues.

  • On the Americas network, traffic and capacity rose by 1.3% and 1.7% respectively. The load factor declines slightly to 83.4% (-0.3 points).
  • The Asia network remained dynamic with traffic up 7.4% for capacity up by 6.4%. The load factor gained 0.7 points to 85.4%.
  • The Africa and Middle East network saw traffic up 2.8%, in line with capacity (+2.7%). The load factor remained stable at 76.4%.
  • The Caribbean and Indian Ocean network enjoyed a robust level of activity with traffic up 5.4% for stable capacity (+0.2%). The load factor progressed strongly to reach the high level of 84.8% (+4.2 points).
  • On the European network, traffic rose 9.3% and capacity by 4.5%. In consequence, the load factor improved 2.8 points to 64.4%.      

Cargo business

  • In January 2011, cargo traffic rose in line with capacity (by 3.4% and 3.3% respectively). The load factor was stable at 64.3%. Unit revenue was compared with January 2010 which already benefited from a more favourable operating environment.

Recent developments

  • On February 1st, Transavia operated  8 additional flights to Egypt to repatriate 1,500 Dutch tourists. 
  • Middle East Airlines and Saudi Arabia Airlines will shortly join SkyTeam.
  • SkyTeam will launch an iPhone application available for all passengers travelling on alliance flights.
  • Air France launched an exclusive news programme on long-haul flights produced by Euronews.
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