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Minneapolis, Minnesota: Quadion LLC, Minnesota Rubber and Plastics (MRP) introduces a new EPDM material, Qmonix 558EC, specifically formulated to meet the demanding food contact requirements of European Commission framework regulation EC1935/2004. This regulation applies to rubber and plastic materials that are intended to come in prolonged contact with food products such as beverages, milk, yogurt, ice cream and other foodstuffs. This regulation is demanding in that many compounds which may pass US FDA and NSF regulations will not pass EC1935/2004, due to the presence of prohibited ingredients. 

            Qmonix 558EC offers food and beverage process equipment manufactures a new compound which can be used globally, including in equipment exports to Europe. Qmonix 558EC is a high purity, high performance EPDM product which can be used in the most demanding food process applications. Lih Fang Chew, Minnesota Rubber and Plastics, Global Vice President of Marketing stated, “With the introduction of Qmonix 558EC, MRP again demonstrates its leadership and commitment to the food and beverage processing industries.  Qmonix 558EC offers all the performance attributes of our best EPDM materials, along with the highest purity to comply with the strictest regulations.”

            Qmonix 558EC exhibits excellent performance in both hot and cold process applications, and has excellent chemical resistance. It is also resistant to both ozone and UV used for sanitation processes. Standard durometer as formulated is 70. In addition to EC1935/2004 compliance, certification is also pending under NSF61 for drinking water systems. Qmonix 558EC meets all requirements of FDA CFR21.

            Typical applications for Qmonix 558EC include beverage dispensing equipment for soft drinks, water and frozen drinks. Equipment used to serve frozen dairy products like yogurt and ice cream are ideal applications. Any type of liquid filling or packaging equipment using EPDM seals can benefit from the use of Qmonix 558EC. All seals used in pumps, valves, heat exchangers and other process machine components can use Qmonix 558EC to comply with EC1935/2004.

            For information on designing seals and products using Quniton™, call 952-927-1400.

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