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Balanced trim design saves cost by eliminating need for powerful actuator

RTK®, a CIRCOR International brand, and an international leader in the design and manufacture of control valves and actuators, introduces the RTK® REflex QC Control Valve with balanced trim, which compensates for high differential pressures within the trim to a minimum and thus allows high pressure drop and high volumes to be controlled.

With the balanced trim, costs can be saved by eliminating the need for a large and powerful actuator. The flexible design allows for lead time reduction. An RTK® actuator (pneumatic or electric) can now be used in combination with each RTK valve. The actuator is also available with the new RTK REact EQ-PoP from 6 kN to 10kN(2250 lb/f), which offers two system-saving features. It features a standard, as well as an Emergency Closing Unit and a PoP-module (Emergency power supply) that allows the actuator to reach a predefined safety end position if power is lost, to ensure system safety in any situation. Thanks to its compatibility with the well-known QC design, it is also now easy to convert the existing valve to a balanced trim if system parameters have changed and the actuator may not be sufficient any longer.

All the other advantages that the QC system brings with it remain unchanged with this balanced trim. The REflex QC Control Valve assembles and disassembles in four quick steps without the need for special tools, accelerating maintenance by up to 85% for efficiency and cost-savings. Plus, tool-free seat exchange allows for quick adaptation to changing conditions. Featuring optimized high-capacity flow paths and interchangeable trim, the two-way REflex QCS Control Valve supports a variety of media and meets NACE standards for use with abrasive liquids and gasses.

The REflex QC Control Valve is highly customizable for lower flow and higher pressure drop and available in one- or two-stages, as well as a range of sizes, pressure classes, and end connections types. All REflex valves are available either as ANSI or DIN, ensuring that direct replacement is always possible. Ideal for power, process, industrial, chemical, petrochemical, LNG, refrigeration technology, and oil and gas applications, these valves excel at control and shut-off of liquids and gases, feedwater boiler filling, superheater start-up, and as relief valves.

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