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"Manufacturing-Journal" is an industry-focused international business magazine. Surveys demonstrate that it's essential reading for top managers across the full spectrum of the international manufacturing industry and in all major European countries. This diversity in depth makes "Manufacturing-Journal" the forum of choice for international companies in a multitude of fields. Therefore, when major corporations across the continent wish to share their stories, they frequently choose "Manufacturing-Journal" as their platform.


"Manufacturing-Journal" is consistently read by senior executives in the international manufacturing industry—Managing Directors, Chief Executives, Sales and Marketing Directors, Engineering Directors, Purchasing Managers, and more. The magazine reaches subscribers in Europe, North America, India, China, South America, Africa, and Australia.

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At the core of "Manufacturing-Journal" are detailed reports on the latest advancements in companies throughout the international manufacturing industry, highlighting their adaptability in the face of fundamental marketplace shifts. Recurrent themes delve into responses to globalization, the pursuit of innovation, strategies against rising costs, and the evolution of intricate relationships with suppliers due to increased outsourcing. To provide these company narratives a broader international business setting, the journal offers an array of news items, succinct reports, and informed commentary on management, finance, science, technology, business regulations, economics, and politics. Each edition also spotlights a particular international business sector—be it chemicals, steel, shipbuilding, construction, automotive, paper, packaging, food, etc. Additionally, readers will find updates on trade fairs, business news, and the latest trends in manufacturing, marketing, logistics, and IT strategies.

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The international readership of "Manufacturing-Journal", combined with its exhaustive overview of the manufacturing industry sectors, renders it singularly effective in connecting companies with prospective customers and suppliers across the European market.

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