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“Konti” – is a successful fast growing company with a leading position in the confectionery market within the CIS countries which sells its products in more than 20 countries around the world.

“Konti” – is an innovative high-tech production, a wide range of products, with more than 200 species, perfect compliance with all sanitary and technological standards with the guarantee of highest quality products.

Range of products
The range of “Konti-RUS” includes more than 200 names of confectionery products. The company’s products are represented in almost all categories of confectionery market: filled chocolate; sugar confectionery (caramels, candy, marshmallows, coconut dessert); pastry (biscuits, cookies, sandwich, waffles, desserts, tarts, desserts, sponge cake, muffins, sponge cakes, rolls and cakes); Christmas gifts for the children’s and adults. The company is pursuing a strategy of creating strong brands. The key brands are: AMOUR, ESFERO Toffee, “Super Kontik”, “Belissimo”, “Shokoladnye istorii ”Dzhek”, “Golden Lily”, “Zhivinka”, “SOUFFLE Luxe”, “Timi”, “Mone”, “Ronni”, “Bonjour Souffle”, “Kniazheskie”. Production Company “KONTI” exported to countries such as CIS, Europe, USA, South America and near and far East.

Production and equipment
The process equipment of the company is developed and supplied by the leading European companies against special orders. KONTI’s principal partners in this sphere are such world famous manufacturers as Bühler AG (Switzerland), Sollich KG, Winkler und Dünnebier Süßwarenmaschinen GmbH, Loesсh Verpackungstechnik GmbH, Theegarten-Pactec GmbH & Co. KG, Hebenstreit GmbH, Hänsel Processing GmbH (Germany), Bosch Packaging Technology B.V. (the Netherlands), FHW Franz Haas Waffelmaschinen GmbH (Austria), Aucouturier (France) and others. “Konti”’s retail partners are Magnit, Monetka, BILLA, METRO, Auchan, Globus, x5retail group, Fix Price, Selgros Cash&Carry, Diksi Group, hypermarkets Okay, Lenta, Europa and Linia. Marketing researches partners are well-known international companies such as Nielsen, Euromonitor International, Synovate Comcon. Media partners: Dentsu Aegis Network, Optimum media OMD Group, GroupM, Mikhailov & Partners. The company is proud of its innovation high quality equipment, owing to which it has a possibility to manufacture confectionery products, unique for the market, strictly comply with all sanitary, hygienic and technological standards and guarantee the highest quality of its products. Over the past 10 years it was established 15 new production lines. There were build the modern logistics centres of the highest category of warehouse space class “A”. Centres operates a modern automated warehouse management system, which is considered one of the most progressive in Europe.

Guarantees of high quality
The compliance of the products manufactured with the requirements of the European Community is the company’s strategy in the area of safety and quality. The safety and quality management system of the enterprise is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 certified. ISO 22000:2005 is a food safety management system making it possible to execute strict control over the safety of the whole production process, from the raw materials processing stage to the delivery of the end products to the distributors or the points of sale. ISO 22000:2005 system is integrated with ISO 9001:2008 standard. This is an international standard containing the requirements to the production management system of the enterprise. It does not focus only on the quality of a certain product, but on the management system serving to secure the expected and stable high quality and safety of the products. “Konti” especially concerns about its products to guarantee that the customer consumes high quality confectionery products manufactured by using safe raw materials.

Mission and core values
“Konti”’s mission is providing the long-term development and creating unique high-quality useful products; being a world company with a balanced growth of the company value, operational profitability and strong brands; creating the conditions for the employees’ personal, professional and material welfare growth. Core values for “Konti” are: innovations, quality, ambitions, professionalism, efficiency, corporate social responsibility.

International exhibitions and competitions
In the period from January 31 to February 3, 2016 “Konti” for the first time took part in the 46th International Exhibition of confectionery, sweets and snacks, which is held annually in Germany in Cologne. The total number of participants in this year amounted to 1601 companies from 65 countries around the world, and the number of visitors reached 38 500 people from 146 countries. ISM is the only exhibition of the leading platform for business and communication in the confectionery industry. “Konti” has presented a wide range of products, and attracted the visitor’s attention thanks to its bright and comfortable stand. During the exhibition, the company’s stand was visited by representatives of over 50 countries. Consumer’s interest in the “Konti” company’s products give confidence in the development of sales to new markets and increase the number of fans of “Conti” in the world of sweets. “Konti”’s distribution market is - a Russia, CIS and the near abroad. The company is very active in its development. In the period from 5th to 7th of May 2016, the company “Konti” participated in the 17th China International Exhibition SIAL China 2016 of food and specialized equipment. This year the exhibition gathered in Shanghai around 3000 exhibitors and over 66,000 visitors from around the world. SIAL exhibition is one of the largest business areas in Asia in the segment of food products. For “Konti” it is an opportunity for the realization of one of the most important tasks to expand foreign markets. Production of “Konti”, which is already available on the market in China and is scheduled for delivery in the near future, has been awarded the gold medal of the tasting contest within the framework of the business program of SIAL China. Products winners are Biscuit “KONTI” with cherries taste, roll biscuit “Konti “European” crème brulee, candy “Ronni” waffle, candy “Esfero Toffee” сосоnut and many more secured a successful presentation in Shanghai. In October 2016, the company “Konti” has taken part in the competition “For the production of high quality biologically safe food products” in the international specialized exhibition of innovations in the field of food and drinks «SIAL PARIS 2016”. At the end of the contest company’s products were awarded the gold medals. These products are Chocolates “AMOUR”, “Esfero TOFFEE” coconut, “SHOKOLEO”, pound cake “KONTI” milk and honey. Company’s products have proven themselves on the markets of Russia, CIS and European countries for the high quality, safe and no GMOs and now they are steadily gaining preference of Orientals. On 7-9 November “Konti” took part in the international specialized exhibition for the confectionery and snack Yummex Middle East in the UAE, which brought together 364 exhibitors from 47 countries and more than 8000 visitors from 83 countries. Distributors from UAE countries, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, Palestine, Lebanon and other countries have shown great interest in the company’s products. Another promising market opens for “Konti” in Vietnam. At the invitation of the Vietnamese party and the agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation from 7 to 9 December took place the visit of the official delegation of Kursk region in Vietnam. “Konti” successfully presented to potential partners all the features of its production and introduced with product samples in Hanoi, Nha Trang and Hoshemine. During the talks with Vietnamese partners was agreed and then signed one-year contract, according to which it is planned to deliver to Vietnam about 100 tons of chocolate and sugar cookies. The first batch of confectionery “Konti” was sent at the end of December 2016. Increasing the share of sales on foreign markets - this is one of the “Konti”s priorities. And in the current year is expected to increase sales in the Middle East and North African countries: the UAE, Jordan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Egypt. Planned geography of sales in 2017 - more than 40 countries around the world. 

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