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  • Estimated increase in passenger numbers is 250 thousand
  • Two Boeing 757 aircraft added to the fleet
  • Anchorage in Alaska, St. Petersburg in Russia and Zurich in Switzerland new destinations

The international flight schedule for Icelandair Group in the year 2013 will be the largest in the Company’s history and 15% more extensive than this year’s schedule. Three new destinations will be added to the route network and frequency of flights to various cities in the United States and Europe will be increased. The number of the Company’s passengers in 2013 is projected to be close to 2.3 million, as compared to an estimate of over 2 million in 2012. A total of 18 Boeing 757 aircraft will be used to serve the Company’s route network, two more than in the current year. According to the flight schedule the growth is projected to be more over the winter than in the summer which is in-line with the Company’s strategy to decrease seasonality in its operations.

If the travel industry will face adverse changes in the tax environment next year, Icelandair Group will contemplate to shift its focus by carrying a lower number of tourists to Iceland than in current plans and instead carry a higher number of passengers between Europe and North-America.

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