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Under the Mack brand, the range of trucks powered by natural gas will be
expanded by a further two models during 2013, Mack Pinnacle and Mack Granite.
The expansion entails that the Volvo Group will be also able to offer North
American customers trucks powered by natural gas in the distribution and
construction segment under the Mack brand. The Mack TerraPro model is already
available to customers in the waste mangement segment. All models will be
offered with engines powered by either liquid natural gas (LNG) or compressed
natural gas (CNG).

Earlier this year, the Volvo Group announced that it planned to launch a
proprietarily developed 13-liter engine for liquid natural gas (LNG) under the
Volvo brand in the North American market in 2014. With the new solutions, the
Volvo Group will capitalize on the expertise built up over many years with
respect to developing alternative powertrains.

At the same time, further steps are being taken in the cooperation with the City
of New York, where field tests have been conducted for a number of years using
hybrid trucks for waste collection. The field tests will now be expanded to
include the Mack TerraPro vehicle. The truck currently uses the Volvo Group’s
proprietarily developed hybrid technology, which achieved major success
primarily with respect to its buses, with customers in Gothenburg and London.
The Volvo Group’s parallel hybrid reduced fuel consumption by up to 37%,
compared with conventional diesel-powered buses.

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