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For the faster delivery to its customers from the automotive industry, the southern Italian supplier Lasim relies on TwinServo technology

Göppingen/Lecce, September 23, 2019 – Meeting the needs of car manufacturers in record time: This is the slogan of Lasim S.p.A. based in Lecce, southern Italy. There, transfer systems with a press force of 800, 1,600 and 2,000 tons form up to 324,000 small and medium-sized parts per day. For the first time, Lasim has ordered a press from Schuler: a 2,000-ton machine with TwinServo Technology.

"We chose Schuler because of the technology and quality of the press," says Lasim Managing Director Giampiero Fedele. "In the run-up, we have analyzed the output and performance of the system in detail. Schuler offers clear advantages over the competition here. The short delivery and commissioning time also spoke in favor of the investment. "

Separate drives in the press bed

Schuler's TwinServo systems have two separate and only electronically synchronized torque motors in the press bed. As a result, the machines not only build significantly lower, but also the springback is reduced by 30 percent, while both sound insulation and energy efficiency is improved. The two decentralized drives are arranged in such a way that the drawing cushions and scrap shafts have sufficient space.

In addition to two production sites in Lecce, one of which Lasim had taken over a 1992 from Fiat, there is also a development center in the Italian automobile capital of Turin. Managing Director Giampiero Fedele, who moved to Apulia in 1980 in southeastern Italy, came from the North of the country to join the company as a 25-year-old. It was founded eight years earlier and today has a turnover of 85 million euros per year with around 350 people.

Transfer with active vibration damping

The press for Lasim offers a die clamping area of ​​6.25 by 2.50 meters and is automated with a transfer that – thanks to its active vibration damping – ensures safe transport of the parts produced. These include mounts for the fender, airbag or dashboard as well as cross struts and beams, which are partially welded at 18 interconnected robot stations.

In addition to the three transfer presses, Lasim's machine park also has seven further single presses and two press lines. But when, a few months ago, an order was placed to manufacture an aluminum chassis for an Italian sports car, it was clear that another transfer press had to be built. Managing Director Giampiero Fedele wanted to be on the safe side and opted for the sports car under the presses in terms of production speed – Schuler's TwinServo machine. 


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