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GRAZ, SEPTEMBER 29, 2020. International technology group ANDRITZ and Allegro – a subsidiary of EVRAZ and RailService established to implement the project to produce train wheels in the Titan Valley special economic zone – have signed a contract to supply a complete production line for train wheels. The contract was signed by Valerij Galchenkov, Managing Director of Allegro GmbH, Heinz Autischer, Head of Metals Processing at ANDRITZ, and Daniel Huber, Managing Director of Schuler.

ANDRITZ GROUP subsidiaries ANDRITZ Maerz and Schuler will supply the production line. The main part of the contract is expected to be booked in mid-2021, with the first consignment being scheduled for delivery in the first quarter of 2022.

The production process comprises several stages: The blanks produced by EVRAZ are heated to

1,250 °C in the rotary hearth furnace, then descaled and preformed in a hydraulic press with 10,000 tons of press force. After this, the blanks are rolled in a wheel-rolling machine developed by Schuler and forged into a finished product in a crimping and piercing press with 5,000 tons of press force. This is followed by a geometric test in a laser measuring system and permanent marking in a marking press. Finally, the wheels undergo heat treatment and the running surfaces are hardened.

Allegro is investing a total of around 16 billion rubles (approximately 180 million euros) in the production of train wheels. With the new production line, Allegro will be able to produce 200,000 train wheels per year, and up to 300,000 with a further extension. Production is scheduled to start in the fourth quarter of 2022, and the project will create a total of 425 new jobs.

We are looking forward to reaching this milestone with ANDRITZ as the main supplier,” says EVRAZ Vice President Denis Novozhenov, who heads the Ural Division. “Production of train wheels requires highest competence and strict quality control, and this begins in production of the steel. The know-how from EVRAZ is vital to this project.”

Heinz Autischer, Head of Metals Processing at ANDRITZ: “We are very proud that we have won a railway wheel line again to be supplied jointly by ANDRITZ Maerz and Schuler. With this order, we will deliver the most advanced production line ever built in this segment and also strengthen our technology leadership in this area.”

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