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Clamping technology novelty: angle presetter with vernier scale and positioning holes

Another innovation from the fixturing system specialist Witte Barskamp promises a more uncomplicated, faster and more precise alignment or attachment of workpieces: long adjustment brackets with scale and nonius setting grid in 1-degree steps.

The new angle presetters are based on the high-precision ALUFIX fixturing system from Witte and thus adopt its reference values ​​in terms of accuracy and material quality. The angle presetters, which are compatible with the ALUFIX 25 system size, have two brackets with longitudinal and cross holes for mounting or fixing to a grid base plate, for example. The opening angle of the brackets ranges from 0 to 180 degrees.

The marked grid in 1-degree steps of the new angle presetters adapts the principle of the TopPos positioning system from Witte. TopPos is based on standardized precision components that can be easily moved in the grid using a positioning element and thus reach the clamping point precisely - without the need for specially made adapters. In this way, TopPos makes a good 90 percent of the cost-intensive special components otherwise required in conventional workpiece systems superfluous.

In addition to the ALUFIX 25 version of the new angle setters, Witte is providing a lower-priced but no less precise version with reduced thickness and slots as an alternative to fitting holes in the ALUFIX grid. It is perfectly suited for "more robust", also ALUFIX-independent applications, for example in laser welding or in glueing technology.

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