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JSC Voltyre-Prom is one of the leading producers of tires for the agricultural industry. Currently, the company manufactures more than 100 tire sizes, but the main specialization of the plant is the production of agricultural and industrial tires.

The plant is the only Russian producer of wide-section tires. Since October 2013 JSC Voltyre-Prom has been a part of the international corporation TITAN TIRE Corporation, which focuses on the manufacture of agricultural and industrial tires, being one of the world leaders in this industry.

Company profile
The plant was established in 1964. The history of the enterprise is rich in important events. Voltyre-Prom was the first in the country to produce wide section tires as well as radial tires using the tread winding method. In the recent years, the acquisition of Voltyre-Prom by Titan International, Inc. has been the most significant event. Titan International, Inc. partnered with the One Equity Partners Fund and the Russian Direct Investment Fund in order to close the acquisition. This way, the enterprise became a part of a large international production corporation with a portfolio of tires under such brands as TITAN and Goodyear Farm. At the same time, Voltyre-Prom retains its identity on the Russian market and continues to produce tires that have already become indispensable for the agricultural industry under the VOLTYRE brand. Prior to acquisition, Voltyre-Prom has been one of the largest enterprises in the industry with 43% market share in agriculture tires and 16% market share in industrial tires in Russia. Strategic potential of the company is determined by three main elements: technology, experience and people. Working with such legendary brands as TITAN and Goodyear Farm allows the company to be up to date with the newest tire production technologies. Voltyre-Prom has been on the market for half-century and that kind of experience complemented by the skilled team gives the company a distinctive advantage in the tire market. At the moment, the company employs a team of one thousand people. And this number has not changed for about three years. This is a very strong indicator, given the constant growth of the production capacity. Thanks to the employees and their well-coordinated work, in 2016 Voltyre-Prom became the leader among Russian tire companies in terms of labor productivity growth, according to the All-Russian rating Labor productivity. The company has achieved its success thanks to the understanding of customer needs and the development of new products based on the market demand. Voltyre-Prom strives to build long-term partnerships with customers and consumers, which is the key to winning their trust. The company strongly believes that its development, as well as the growth of its business partners and end-users, is a teamwork that requires cooperation.

Product range and export potential
The main products of Voltyre-Prom are agricultural tires and tires for industrial machinery. A very large number of tractors, combines and trailers in Russia rely only on Voltyre-Prom agricultural tires, recognizing their quality and reliability. The company strives to provide the best quality tires at the most affordable cost. Each tractor, combine harvester or special equipment that are operated on Voltyre tires must effectively work out its resource. The company is happy to make a significant contribution to this process by creating high performance, reliable tires. Currently, JSC Voltyre-Prom supplies tires to CIS countries, European and Western partners, as well as other foreign countries. Overall, the company exports goods to more than 30 countries. In 2017, the export rate grew to about 32% of total sales. Voltyre is planning to expand its presence to new markets and is constantly working on finding new partners. In the coming year the company plans to participate in the largest specialized exhibitions such as AGRITECHNICA in Germany, AGROTECH-AGROPARS in Iran and many others. Such promotion helps the company to find new foreign business partners. Voltyre-Prom is also strengthening its position on the Russian the market. The company participates in various major exhibitions. In addition, it has launched a new brand of industrial and agricultural tires: TITAN. The product quality has increased, which has had a positive impact on the dynamics of sales. In the near future, the company plans to widen its product range by introducing new tire sizes. The company has a close eye on the market in order to produce the products that are in demand. In order to do so, the company monitors market trends and implements changes before market forces it.

New projects
The company timely increases production capacity, improves the quality of produced tires and expands the product range. All technological innovation is aimed at continuous improvement of production processes. Recently the company has completed the installation of new additional equipment for winding radial and diagonal tires, which will increase the proportion of tires that are assembled by the winding method, enable the installation of a modern mixer and many other production improvements. It is also constantly working to improve the quality of rubber compounds and cord materials, which are used in the production process and have a direct influence on the quality of the finished product. At the moment, Voltyre-Prom is implementing a large investment project with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The project includes installation of new equipment and machines to increase production capacity. The Goodyear Farm brand will be the main new product, which returns to the Russian market of agricultural tires after a long period of absence. In the current year, Voltyre-Prom imported samples in order to give consumers an opportunity to see their premium quality. And very soon, using the technology, equipment and experience of this world tire brand, the Goodyear Farm tire will be manufactured at Voltyre-Prom. Such trust on the part of a well-known brand is a great responsibility for the company, which is proudly accepted by the company. Cooperation with Titan International Inc. has made Voltyre an even more experienced manufacturer. In terms of financial performance, annual financial statements, indicate a positive trend. From year to year, the company increases the volume of production, and consequently, the revenue also grows. The financial success is a perfect indicator of the level of trust that consumers put into the tires of the brands VOLTYRE and TITAN, produced by Voltyre-Prom.

Awards and recognitions
Over the years, the company has received a number of important awards. One of the most recent awards that Voltyre-Prom is proud of is the top place in the “Productivity of labor” rating, which is prepared by the center of industrial research of the business portal “Production Management”. Voltyre-Prom received two nominations in this rating. It was rated third in “TOP-70: Leaders on labor productivity growth in the chemical industry of Russia for the year” and twenty fifth in “TOP-100: Leaders on labor productivity in Russia for a year”. This is a very good result! The company has received a certificate of compliance with REACH requirements. Today, Voltyre-Prom is the first and so far the only tire company in Russia that passes the REACH environmental requirements. This allows the company to supply agricultural and industrial tires to the territory of the European Union. As part of mandatory policy in the field of quality, ecology and labor protection, Voltyre-Prom constantly improves management systems, as a result the inspection by URS Certification authority in August 2017 confirmed the validity of certificates of compliance with ISO 9001, ISO / TS 16949, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001. Creating a high-quality product requires a set of measures, including the provision of safe and healthy working conditions, the preservation of life and the environment, the company is committed to constant improvement of all the necessary elements. 

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