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LLC Industrial Enterprise ZIP is one of the largest manufacturers of paint and varnishes in Ukraine and former Soviet Union.

The corporation ZIP includes several companies, such as LLC Etalon Pak – packaging production and LLC Promzipaktiv - transport services, united by a common professional and social policy based on common values and methodological approaches. The company was founded with a clean slate in 1995. Today it is one of the leading companies in Ukraine in terms of volume of production, and one of the five largest paint companies in the CIS. The total capacity of the enterprise is more than 30,000 tons per year, including a fully automated plant with a capacity of more than 20,000 tons of water-soluble products per year.   

Enterprise origins
The company was registered at the legal address in Dneprodzerzhinsk and was created with the aim of producing parquet glue. It so happened that in 1995 Oleg Zahorolsky – the main founder of the company, and his few close friends, who like him, had been working in cooperative Lider in Dnepropetrovsk, were left without job. On the basis of the former employees of the cooperative the company was founded. The first mixer was assembled from the parts that they collected from where ever they could. As the mixing vessel served 60-liter plastic barrel with the top cut off. The first start-up capital was the money from the deal to resell polyethylene. It was understood that the bet at the time should have been put on the population, as the enterprises of Ukraine were declining: non-payments, barters – everything was in decay. And to sell the products to the people, it was necessary to make them available. Search for such product resulted in the production of paints.

Modern powerful production
Today the company ZIP is a modern high-tech manufacturer of paint and glue materials of wide range of applications. Technological capabilities of the plant allow to produce more than 60,000 tons per year to meet the needs of mass consumers and individual customers. The process lines are formed on the basis of high-performance equipment of leading world manufacturers of machinery for the paint industry (Oliver & Batlle, Spain; Profarb, Poland; Netzsch, Germany). Possibilities of production lines enable to satisfy the demand for the most popular paints and execute individual orders for specialty materials for industrial customers in the amount from 500 kg. This is due to reliable production which, along with high-performance lines, allow to flexibly react to changing demand. Pride of the enterprise ZIP is an automated production line of water dispersion paints made by Spanish manufacturer of equipment Oliver & Batlle by a custom design, and launched in 2010. The level of automation allows to eliminate the influence of human factors on the quality of the products and enable to accompany the process from raw materials supply to finished products output by only two people. This is currently one of the best lines with such level of automation and technological equipment in paint industry in Ukraine. Given the use of a wide range of chemical raw materials in the process, the company ZIP pays special attention to issues of environmental safety, excluding its emissions into the environment and the formation of harmful waste. This is achieved through the use of modern technologies and equipment for water purification and solvents that allow safe re-use of resources.

Developed infrastructure
The company Etalon Pak producing metal tare for paints and varnishes was founded in 2002 with the aim of smooth packaging supply of LLC ZIP. In 2007-2008, the company upgraded equipment and acquired advanced automated lines Soudronic, Sabatier, Bodypack, and Bibra for the production of exclusive cans and buckets with lid “Master”. The company provides a full range of services from digital prepress processing and high-quality offset printing to optimally-established mass production and delivery exactly at the appointed time. LLC Promzipaktiv was founded in 2004. The main activity of the company is the provision of transport services, mainly freight transportation. Vehicle fleet counts to more than 20 Renault vehicles with import trailers with carrying capacity of 20 tons. All vehicles are connected to the satellite tracking GPS. Efficient management organization makes the company a reliable partner for all who need a fast and high-quality delivery of goods. Products of LLC ZIP are always available at any point of Ukraine through its own branch network that includes 31 branches, which are located in all cities of Ukraine with a population of over 100 000 people. The branch network of LLC ZIP is the most extensive network in Ukraine among paint manufacturers.

Variety of the brands
“Triora” is a brand that specializes mainly in the water-soluble products. Products under this brand are available since 2003, and the brand motto is “Whatever happens, “Triora” – spotless reputation”. All Triora products are environmentally friendly and are produced on modern automated equipment with the latest technologies. “Triora” products are certified according to ISO 14024 which confirms compliance with international environmental criteria recognized in 35 countries, including countries of European Union. “Triora” brand is not only the materials for painting, but also a network of tinting studios, which are located in more than 60 cities of Ukraine. TRIORA paints can be tinted in more than 900 colours and shades. For façade products, a special fan of fading-resistant colours has been developed. “Zebra” brand was created in 1998. Today “Zebra” is the company’s flagship and is the most recognizable brand in the domestic market of paints and a sales leader. “Zebra” products are high-quality enamels for wood and metal, primers, and varnishes for different surfaces. In 2010, a new generation enamel was launched - anticorrosive “3-in-1”, dearomatised and able to be tinted in studios. “Zebra” brand has additional value in the form of innovative ergonomic packaging. In 2006 the range was expanded with water-soluble materials – paints for interior and exterior use and the products for surface preparation. The products are presented in the mid-price segment and have established themselves as quality domestic products. In 2007 “Zebra” brand won The Best Domestic Product award. Products of “Malva” brand are organic-soluble enamels, primers, varnishes and adhesive products that are designed to meet the basic needs of the consumer. A glue that is now produced under “Malva” brand was the first product made by ZIP. The company story began from this glue. Even now KS-3 glue is being successfully sold on the Ukrainian market. “Malva” range is not wide, but stable. The color line is limited to the most popular colors. All products are familiar to consumer and easy to use. The brand motto is “high-quality economy”. “Malva” is the best choice for the consumer who wants to buy a decent quality product at a reasonable price. “SuperStar” brand is inexpensive and affordable for every consumer, and includes organic-soluble enamels and primers that help in solving common painting problems. “Fixator” is the youngest brand of LLC ZIP, it was launched in 2011. It represents a wide range of quality modern assembly materials for professional use, which includes foams, sealants, and liquid nails. Using global experience in developing corrosion-resistant coating and modern achievements of science, MAGNUM coatings, for more demanding customers, were created which make it possible to solve the most difficult tasks and provide long-term protection of metal for more than 15 years. MAGNUM coatings are intended for professional application in industrial environments directly while manufacturing and repair of metal items. The raw materials of the world’s largest chemical companies, such as BASF (Germany), DOW (USA), Bayer (Germany), Eastman (USA), Rohm & Haas (USA), Degussa (Netherlands), Ciba (Switzerland), which for over 100 years are the standard of quality of raw materials for paint and varnishes, are used in production of coatings MAGNUM. Each batch of the goods produced at the plant is subject to quality control in accordance with European standards. KVANT coatings are designed for professional application in industrial environments directly in the manufacturing of wood products. When creating KVANT coatings, it was decided to use raw materials of the world’s largest German chemical company BASF which for over 140 years are the standard of quality of raw materials for paint and varnishes. With the help of leading German laboratory technologists, high-quality raw materials were selected, and unique recipes were developed, which together allow to get products with superior quality characteristics. Company ZIP has a huge inner potential for further development, which is essential not only to the enterprise, but also to Ukraine.


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