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An important manufacturer of prefabricated bathrooms for the Danish market, is opening additional factories as it establishes itself in more European countries.

Company overview
Ready Bathroom was founded by Łukasz Załucki and Jan Grivalský as a company manufacturing bathrooms for the Danish market, initially at a small capacity of one thousand units per year. This was possible thanks a very experienced in this market - Niels Sandahl who had a very successful and experienced team of designers and sales manager on the Danish market. Denmark has for many years now been one of the world’s leader in implementing prefabricated construction, for example in student and senior housing projects and hotels. The 9000m2 manufacturing plant in Legnica, in south west of Poland, was established in 2015. Today it employs 300 people. In the late 2016 Ready Bathroom bought out 90% of shares in a Danish company with decade’s worth of experience in the prefabricates industry, positioning itself as a major supplier for the important Danish market, often referred to as the Gateway to Scandinavia. In a couple of years, with their business in Denmark secure and growing (reaching 5000 units in the current year), it was now possible to reach out towards other countries, including Germany, England and a successful return to Benelux. “This time we are approaching it fully professionally. We have a local partner in Belgium, Filip Walleyn, and a complete Belgian team, which includes a designer and a sales expert” said Mr. Załucki, the CEO of Ready Bathroom. The company’s first office for the Benelux countries officially opened for business in January of 2019. The exponential production growth in the last 3 years brought with it a series of new investments, such as tower cranes, a concrete batching plant and even all new cutting-edge computer software to operate the entire production plant. Altogether the investments reached 25 million pln. The company also takes a strong interest in charitable, community and social issues. It supports number of charities, especially those helping disabled and seriously ill children.

The advantages of prefabricates
Prefabricated bathrooms are the logical next step for the construction industry. It is a solution that helps to simplify the construction process and reduce expenses as compared with building and finishing bathrooms at the construction site. At the same time, nothing is lost in terms of comfort, quality and design. Modular bathrooms can be anything from humble and minimalist to luxurious and high-standard. Ready Bathroom has vast experience in handling projects very diverse in terms of dimensions, shapes and any installed equipment, and the prefabricated bathrooms can be decorated just as attractively as any bathroom constructed using traditional methods. “Prefabricated modular building is the future of construction, it’s faster, cheaper and of better quality than work done at the construction site … I think that traditional housing facilities will be gradually replaced by modules made in a factory and then delivered to the building site” - says Łukasz Załucki. The structure of a bathroom pod is either made of lightweight concrete or steel edges filled with Farmecel boards. Once the pod structure is complete, finishing work commences much like it would at a construction site, however here it is carried out on an assembly line. Every stage of the process is meticulously controlled and in case of any problems, a cross-checking system issues an automatic notification about the necessity of correcting whatever issue has been detected. The quality assessment itself has been divided into two phases – partial technical acceptance (verification of the dimensions and the geometry of the bathroom cabin, inspection of the tiling works etc.) and final technical expert opinion (verification of the water, sewage and electrical installations, inspection of the dimensions, positioning and compliance of the sanitary fixtures, visual and aesthetic appraisal of the final product). Finished bathroom modules form a firm concrete structure resistant to deformation during transport and are shipped through an external transport company employing specialized vehicles. The entirety of the manufacturing process is supervised using in-house developed software, which tracks current status of every individual module through every stage of production. At its core, the quality of Ready Bathroom’s product is ensured by two essential elements – the highly qualified employees and equally reliable partners. Prefabrication requires exceptional focus and attention to detail in order to ensure no mistake is ever multiplied during the production process. As such, the company employs only the very best people in their field, and supports educational endeavors, taking patronage over classes instructing its future employees. As for business partners, dependable deliveries of production materials are the key to maintaining a smoothly operating factory. For those deliveries, Ready Bathroom relies on the companies Brodrene Kier and Bims. In order to stay ahead of how various issues of pollution, depletion of natural environmental resources and related regulations impact the construction process Ready Bathroom strives to employ the most environmentally-friendly production methods available. Company employees are trained on environmental awareness and encouraged to work in an environmentally responsible manner. One of the most important points of the company’s eco-policy is increasing resource efficiency by reusing materials and increasing recycling efforts. This, combined with installing modern, efficient equipment allows the company to minimize its environmental impact and, at the same time reduce the high costs of wasted energy.

Future of the company
This year a record amount of 5000 bathroom units manufactured by Ready Bathroom will be delivered to Denmark. However, starting this year, bathrooms will no longer be the company’s sole product, as new opportunities open on the market of modular construction. In the second quarter of 2019 the Ready Bathroom will produce the first of its new modular homes, the production of which is intended to become a significant new branch of Ready Bathroom’s business. This solution already attracted strong interest. Health-care facilities, hotels, retirement houses, offices are particularly suited to modular approach. “This comprehensive solution will be promoted on the Polish market and - through our representative offices - in Denmark, Benelux and England. Additionally, for the needs of new sales markets, we plan to launch in the years 2021-2022 two more plants in Lower Silesia (Lwówek and Bolesławiec districts). We have already signed an agreement with Special Economic Zone to support our new investments” - said Mr. Załucki. In October 2019, in another effort to reach out to new partners and clients Ready Bathroom plans to take part in exhibition and conference focusing on the sustainable architecture and building industry – Building Green, which will take place in Copenhagen. As modular construction becomes ever more predominant, the company is looking forward to new challenges and growth opportunities. 


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