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Topol Group is a large and diversified industrial group working within Russia, CIS countries and Europe.

Company’s business interest area includes production of special oil and gas equipment, industrial equipment, domestic appliances and home water heating appliances, furniture, baby and juvenile products manufacturing, construction and development, woodworking. Topol Group also runs several own brands.

Milestones in the company’s development
The history of the company began in the distant war years. More recently, in documentary evidence it was discovered that in 1941 the structure of the Votkinsky industrial complex included mechanical and carpentry workshops. In 1963, on this basis, the largest production of baby carriages in the Soviet Union was started. In 1993, the Trading House Votkinsky Zavod was founded and several productions were launched at once: production of oil and gas equipment, metal processing, mass production of household appliances and goods for children. In 2011, a new construction business was launched. A year later, a complex for deep wood processing and a timber woodworking complex with a separate territory and specialized equipment was allocated to an independent enterprise - Votkinsky Woodworking Plant. In 2014 in Elektrogorsk, Moscow region, a furniture factory was launched, which in 2016 became the largest manufacturer of nursery and children furniture in Russia and CIS countries. In the same year, the company’s representative office was opened in Germany and sales of products under Polini kids brand across Europe began.

Strategic potential
The company has a unique potential:
a wide range of items produced on three
factories, which are specializing in various materials, enables customers to get a high-quality, innovative products that are highly demanded by the market. A very important factor from the investment point of view is the technological equipment: the company uses the latest high-speed machinery from the leading European manufacturers, which makes it possible to produce large volumes in a short time. In addition, human potential is of great importance. Nearly 800 people employed in the industry have vast experience and unique knowledge. They are ready to develop; to take on the challenges of a new highly competitive market in order to continue to meet the changing demand of the target audience. The basis of the company’s success are high-quality, functional and affordable products, widely represented in all regions of Russia, CIS countries and Europe. The products are presented in various price categories: a wide variety of collections for nursery and children’s room gives customers the choice of design, functionality and product range. Flexibility of production and huge technological, human and marketing development potential are also an important basis for further growth.

Main products
Topol Group is a diversified business. In the sphere of the company’s interests are development, production, implementation and servicing of the following products under own brands: goods for children, equipment and services for the oil and gas industry, equipment and services for the metalworking industry, design and construction of buildings and structures, woodworking. The fastest growing categories are furniture for newborns and teens, juvenile products, household appliances, stop valves for oil refineries and centrifugal pumps to maintain reservoir pressure (PAP) as part of pump units used in oil fields. Almost half of the range of products for children is exported to the CIS countries, to Western and Eastern Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Great Britain, Italy, Poland and others) and China. The company’s products have European Quality and Safety Certificates, and the Quality Management System is certified according to the international standards. The company itself and its products are nominees of various awards and winners of competitions: the company has repeatedly won the annual National Award ‘Golden Teddy Bear’ in the field of goods and services for children and received several awards from the project Parents’ mark. This recognition is the most valuable for the company, because it was chosen by those for whom it works. Votkinsk Industrial Company was also awarded in the Republican contest Brand of Udmurtia and the Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia awarded the Engineering and Technical Center with the title Best Service Company of Russia.

New investments and further growth
In 2016-2017, Topol Group focused on the development of goods for children. The company launched the new Polini kids brand and introduced it on the international market. In early 2017, the first licensing contract was signed with Disney, which includes a wide range of products using various franchises, and in September the products appeared on the shelves of the largest specialized chain stores, hypermarkets, regional distributors and in the largest online stores. The company actively participates in specialized exhibitions around the world, presents new product collections, constantly works on improving the quality and functional characteristics. In addition, Topol Group began the production of other furniture: kitchens, hallways, living rooms, office furniture. In the next three years, the company plans to concentrate on the markets of the US and China, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. In addition, it plans further development of Polini as umbrella brand, uniting several subbrands: Polini kids (in cooperation with Disney), Polini Home and Polini Sport. To keep pace with the changing market, the company is focused on the launch of new categories of safe products of a highest quality, and on the development on the international markets.

Vision and values
The company sees its mission in the effective usage of its background, experience and manufacturing capability in order to supply different markets with high quality products. Its goal is to become the best and the most respected company on the domestic market, be the leading supplier in each of its business, remaining socially responsible. Most of all, Topol Group values the status of a reliable partner and supplier of high-quality, safe, market-demanded products at an affordable price. Over 400 customers all over the world have been working and growing with the company for many years. Topol managed to revive the largest production in Russia and, moreover, to bring its brands to the international market. In the company’s portfolio there are already more than 1500 products in absolutely different segments of different markets. Topol Group is proud of the fact that the Russian products are competitive and trusted by millions of consumers, with whom the company shares the most emotional moments of life.

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