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JSC Viorica-Cosmetic is a cosmetic company based in Moldavia. The company has been on the market for over 20 years and in this short time it managed to win the hearts of consumers and received numerous awards for overall achievement and quality.

The beginnings
JSC Viorica-Cosmetic was founded in 1989 as one of the last companies established in the former USSR. The company was modeled on French Dior. From the very start, the company has been producing a wide variety of cosmetic products and perfumes. Inspired by mother nature and her generous gifts, the products of JSC Viorica-Cosmetic are unique and attractive.

Strategic advantages
The main asset of the company are the employees and their creative potential. Each and every cosmetic product sees the world thanks to the hard work of every person employed at JSC Viorica-Cosmetic. Awareness and understanding of the company’s strategy by each member of staff, their involvement in the innovation process as well as their ability to adapt to changes allow continuous growth. In order to achieve the finest results it is fundamental not to stop developing new products and perfecting the existing ones. Having well qualified and enthusiastic staff allows to achieve both of those goals. The company uses raw materials and components produced by the most famous manufacturers of Great Britain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and other countries in the production of its cosmetic products. That is why the products of JSC Viorica-Cosmetic meet the needs of the most sophisticated consumers. It is important to mention that the company produces perfumes and cosmetics of the highest quality thanks to the use of natural components. The motto of the company is “To ensure the optimal price-quality ratio.” Therefore, the company guarantees competitive prices on all products. Initially, the fragrances for Viorica-Cosmetic were developed in a perfume laboratory in Moscow. Many renowned perfumers contributed to the creation of the first fragrances. Later on, the specialists at JSCViorica-Cosmetic, relying on their own research and experience, have begun to develop more and more of new types of perfume and cosmetic products. The product range has been constantly growing. Today it includes over 240 items. The perfumers and cosmetic specialists draw on the market research in order to meet the consumer demand. The company does not neglect its traditions, therefore many products, first produces in the Soviet era, are still produced by JSC Viorica-Cosmetic. However, the products are not entirely the same. Thanks to technological advancements the composition of products has been improved and they are manufactured with the use of modern equipment and in accordance with the requirements of modern market.

Product portfolio
At present, the product range consists of male and female perfumes and eau de toilettes, creams, gels, shampoos, soaps, etc.The company’s intention is to bring its products to the new level. In 2008 the company has launched two completely new lines of cosmetic products – VioCelle and Cosmeplant. These new products pleasantly surprised the consumers by combination of valuable and healthy natural ingredients, attractive design and reasonable prices. At the same time the Flovio Spa line had been updated. It includes hair, face, body and hands care products. All products from this line are made with the use of grape-seed oil, which contains the most powerful antioxidant known to science. But high-class Flovio Spa line is not only a revitalizing elixir for the skin, it is yet another proof that JSC Viorica-Cosmetic has entered into the next stage of its development. And this new stage is characterized by new ambitious projects and innovative vision of management and quality. The Cosmeplant line includes hair and body care products. The unique formulas of Cosmeplant products contain natural herbal extracts and providing excellent care for even the most sensitive hair and skin. The most outstanding among the new perfume lines is VioCelle line. It has been developed in collaboration with the British company CPL Aromas. The issue of product quality are taken very seriously by the company. In the laboratory of Viorica-Cosmetic, the cleanness of raw materials entering the facility, as well as the quality of the finished product are monitored closely. The laboratory is accredited to conduct analyses and control quality of cosmetics produced in the country and of imported cosmetic products. All products of Viorica-Cosmetic had been clinically tested and approved by the Ministries of Health of Moldova, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. The consumer can be sure to receive exclusive, high-quality and safe products.

Business goals and achievements
The main business goal of the company is to achieve utmost consumer satisfaction by providing high quality perfume and cosmetic products with natural ingredients. JSC VIorica-Cosmetic also strives to guarantee optimal working conditions for employees, to ensure use of modern equipment and to improve the overall performance of the company. It is assumed that the best perfumes and cosmetics are produced in France, which has been developing its cosmetic industry for over 300 years. Keeping this in mind, JSC Viorica-Cosmetic intends to prove that perfection can be attained at a shorter period of time. In the following years, the company is planning to delight its customers with innovative skin and body care products, produced from unique ingredients and according to the latest developments in the cosmetic industry. The production strategy is based on the results of numerous consumer surveys and marketing research. The motto of the company is “Produce what sells!” Constant and ever-increasing control over product quality, especially due to the introduction of quality management system ISO 9001:2000, as well as continuous modernization of product range, improvement of formulas and designs will ensure the strong position of the company on the domestic and external markets. At the moment, major foreign partners of JSC Viorica-Cosmetic are Germany, Serbia, Romania, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. Over 30% of products are exported to those countries. The company plans to establish new business connections in Europe and in the CIS. The company is one of the major players of cosmetic industry on the domestic market. JSC Viorica-Cosmetic has established a network of chain stores across the country, it also cooperates with authorized distributors. In order to ensure dynamic and stable development, the company has to reinveste its profits. That is why the profit made in the last years has been invested in modernization of equipment and technology, as well as in reconstruction of production facilities and laboratories. JSC Viorica-Cosmetic received various awards from local authorities and at prestigious international exhibitions. For achievements in the field of production management, quality improvement and introduction of new technologies, as well as for high professionalism, JSC Viorica-Cosmetic was awarded the prestigious Euromarket Award by the European Marketing Research Center in Brussels. For dynamic development and implementation of new projects, the company was awarded the Golden Medal and certificate from the French Society for Promotion of Local Manufacturers. JSC Viorica-Cosmetic was awarded the main prize, Golden Mercury, and two gold medals in the national contest Brand of the Year. The company received the highest award - the State Prize of the first degree - for achievement in the field of quality. In 2008, JSC Viorica-Cosmetic was recognized the leader of the domestic production of perfumes and cosmetics, and won second place for the best cosmetics manufacturer according to consumer vote. That same year, the company ensured 30th place in the ranking of Top 50 brands of Moldova, and 2nd place in the ranking of Top 10 brands of cosmetic industry. The company has gained leading position among the national cosmetic brands. 

Written by Elena Rozhko

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