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BELITA and VITEX are two Belarussian partner companies that work for a common goal. This biggest Belarussian cosmetics producer is an example of a successful business operating for over 20 years at Belarussian and global market.

The company covers the whole production cycle of cosmetics – from developing the unique recipes to producing the packaging and distributing through its own well-developed network in Belarus and abroad.

The Milestones
The idea of developing a cosmetics business in Belarus on the basis of a small Belbytkomplekt enterprise came for the very first time in 1988. The idea seemed great, but the resources to make it a reality were really limited (no experience in leading joint venture company, no legislative basis, no similar enterprises). Nevertheless, the inspired enthusiasts helped to make the first steps. This idea even attracted a foreign partner from Italy, and in 1989 Soviet-Italian BELITA company was registered in the USSR Ministry of Finances with Belbytkomplekt (Belarus) and GVF (Italian cosmetics company) as founders. Thus, in 1989 JSC BELITA became the third company with foreign investment in Belarus, and in 1990 the first products were made. The second step was to start the production, and it wasn’t an easy step either. The premises available were not suitable for the production of cosmetics and needed lots of reconstruction. The Belarussian and Italian designers had a lot of work to do. In the meanwhile, laboratory staff was recruited and trained in Italy. In six months the production building was finished and the production started with just six products, most of which were shampoos with different kinds of herbs (nettle, balm, calamus, sage) and Revivor hair balm, which is still produced and very popular). Another important step in the company history was establishing of its own retail chain. The first brand store - The World Of BELITA-VITEX Cosmetics - was opened in Vitebsk in 1993. This was the start of the retail chain all over Belarus. Then, in 1995, the production of VITEX brand cosmetics started, and in 1997 over 1 million of packages were produced under the VITEX and BELITA brands monthly. 1998 marks the point when the cosmetics was first sold on the US market. All the work and efforts brought the company to the point, when in 2002 the company’s own trade network was perfectly tuned, and the dealer network was established with the neighbouring countries (Moldova, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Baltic region). Regional offices had been opened in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Troitsk, Vilnius, Daugavpils, and Tallinn. It was also a time for reconstruction. The improved technical capacity enabled the company to produce by 20-30 per cent more and to widen the product range by 1/3. Special workshops were carried out in regional offices with the participation of the executives and leading specialists of the BELITA-VITEX scientific center. Today the partner companies, VITEX CJSC and BELITA joint venture, are on the same level with other industrial giants of the Republic of Belarus and are a real competition to foreign brands.

Ingredients of Success
Producing beauty products, it is important to know the right ingredients to make sure they will bring beauty. The same goes for running business - knowing the right ingredients for your field makes success happen more easily. One of such ingredients for BELITA-VITEX is the group of specialists who create and improve its cosmetics. It is their work that provides the quality, which is highly approved by the buyers. The scientific coordination center created through merging of BELITA Joint Venture chemical-biological laboratory and VITEX CJSC testing laboratory took the company up to a new level. High potential of staff including PhD’s allowed to create innovative beauty products of the highest quality. The center cooperates with similar centers in Europe and with all global producers of ingredients for cosmetics.
Another key factor of success is that the company covers the whole production and distribution cycle, which starts from working out a unique recipe for the cosmetics and then goes to designing the package, producing the cosmetics, and distributing them via its own network of brand retail stores and sections in malls. Creating a far-reaching trade network was crucial for the company to sell their cosmetics. Well-organized trade network allows to ship the products right to the customers. That’s why the company created a trade network not only in Belarus, but in all regions of Russia and Ukraine, Baltic countries, Kazakhstan, Moldova, and Turkmenistan. The products are shipped to the USA, Germany, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates. All of that wouldn’t be possible without the most up-to-date production equipment that you won’t find on many similar specialized factories in other countries. Special attention is paid to creating modern and convenient packaging - new designs and positioning methods are being searched for. The products quality stands up to the highest global standards due to use of the best and the most expensive ingredients of the highest quality. All of the things mentioned above are the ones that not every cosmetics producer can afford.

Quality is Guaranteed
The fact that BELITA-VITEX cosmetics is natural and ecologically clean is guaranteed and certified. The agricultural branch of the company cultivates plants and produces over a hundred of essences. These organic materials are used in the production process. The companies carry out scientific researches all the time, use new materials on the market of perfume-cosmetics ingredients, improve the quality and the look of the products. The company takes the products quality very seriously. Quality management system, environmental management system, and safety management system, all of which correspond to ISO international standards (9001, ISO 14001 и OHSAS 18001), function at the plants and factories. All of the products are medically tested in laboratories, hygienically rated, and certified, being completely safe for usage. Before the products can be offered to the customers they have to go through over 20 tests to make sure that all of the formulas do what they were intended for and meet the highest international requirements. The major fields of the tests cover the following issues: the cleanness of the original ingredients, safety and microbiological cleanness, expire date and effect length, clinical and dermatological testing. No wonder so many people have chosen BELITA-VITEX products, as the power is provided by nature itself filling hair and skin with the energy and beauty attacked by stresses of our time. Moreover, BELITA-VITEX is also an environmentally-friendly company. Examples of that is the circulation water supply system and modern disposal system installed on the plants. Every year the company schedules measures on system improvement and technical means of environment protection.

Products of Today and Tomorrow
BELITA-VITEX portfolio comprises over 100 brands, 110 lines and 600 names of cosmetics produced from various natural components. It can be said without a doubt, that these two companies laid the foundation of the Belarussian cosmetics industry. The products range is so big that it covers a great number of needs and groups of people. They include professional cosmetics for salons and studios, hair, body, face, hands and feet care series, cosmetics lines for men, anti-age series, baby and children series, special lines for teens, make-up lines, household cleaning products, teeth and mouth lines. The product range is developed all the time: it is widened by 15-20% every year due to the new trends in modern life, which require more effective cosmetics. Production and gaining the share on professional cosmetics market is one of the goals for the future. The company’s hair products are known for their quality because those were the first lines produced. Today this branch of products has everything that may be needed for everyday or professional use. As to the plans, a complete SPA-program based on the ocean weeds for body care products is going to be produced. As to the face products, new lines of cosmetics will be designed using di- and tripeptids, red caviar, royal jelly, hyaluronic acid. These lines will include the concentrates and serosities for face in the form of ampuls which are required today for the prolonged effect. New anti-aging systems are being developed. In addition, strikingly new ingredients against acne, pigments, cuperose, dark circles under eyes, and for hair and head skin treatment are searched for. One of the nearest tasks before the company is to enlarge the range and alternate the cosmetics offered to men, as young men tend to take care about their look more than ever. All of the activity of the company is focused on meeting all of the requirements and expectations of its customers, raising competitiveness through high quality, attractive packaging and reasonable prices. Flexible structure, wide product range, attractive terms of shipment and reliable quality made the company highly recognizable in Belarus. The company is a national pride of Belarussian economy. Every Belarussian citizen for sure uses Belita-Vitex products - and this proves high populatiry of Belita-Vitex products. All efforts are targeted at improving customers’ life in many countries of the world and making people look beautiful. 

Written by Kateryna Ferdyn

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