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The region of Upper Silesia, Poland’s industrial heartland, bordering the Czech Republic and Slovakia, is the most industrialized and urbanized of Poland’s provinces - with coal mining, iron and steel production, power, and chemical plants. It is also here where EthosEnergy The region of Upper Silesia, Poland’s industrial heartland, bordering the Czech Republic and Slovakia, is the most industrialized and urbanized of Poland’s provinces - with coal mining, iron and steel production, power, and chemical plants. It is also here where EthosEnergy Poland S.A. is located - with fifty years of experience the enterprise is widely recognized by its customers, ranking among the top companies in its business and being a reliable partner in Poland and worldwide. EthosEnergy Poland S.A. is a company whose objective lies in exceeding the expectations of its customers.

The origins
EthosEnergy Poland S.A. was started as a local state-owned business, growing in the coming years to a well-known producer on the Polish market. Already the very first years of the company’s existence were marked by the international presence of its employees. After the first renovation and repair assignments in different power plants in Switzerland, Hungary, and Yugoslavia the enterprise managed to establish strategic partnership with Westinghouse Electric, a company that brought it the contacts with the American market and its customers. From that time on the company’s employees started gaining different experiences, which had incredibly positive consequences - in the next years EthosEnergy Poland S.A. has become partner of many globally present enterprises and managed to develop world-class quality of its products. The last few years brought lots of achievements, the most significant being designing and producing the complete generators GHW-320 in a Nuclear power plant in Finland, a most demanding and challenging task to perform. Another interesting task was the one of power increase of eight generators, from the 612 MVA up to 660 MVA, this being for a power plant in South Korea. These are only a few examples of the logistically complex, and geographically distant innovative design projects, that the company performs all the time.

EthosEnergy – Its products & services, quality, and mission
EthosEnergy Poland S.A. produces new components, as well as modernizes stators and rotors to high-power generators with a rated power up to 600 MW, all type of transformers up to 600 MVA, as well as various types of large-size steel structures weighing up to 280 tons. The enterprise offers its globally present clients also a wide range of warranty, diagnostics, maintenance, as well as production of spare parts, repair, and modernization services of generators, providing all-around services. Thanks to the constant investments in media and technology it aims at guaranteeing the best quality and making the solutions transparent for the clients, trying to meet their growing needs. To ensure the highest quality, all the products are manufactured under strict quality control measures. All works provided in the product lines are continuously supported by the Product Development and Design departments, which ensures a permanent flow of the newest technological ideas and innovative solutions. The achievement of the policy goals facilitates the integrated management system - enclosing design, production, and diagnostics, which considers all the requirements of the standards: EN ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 14001:2014 as well as OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 50001: 2012. The priority is to provide the client with the best solution, which is done by processing the orders on time and punctually and - being faster than the other suppliers. The internal organization of the company is built to support specific services offered by EthosEnergy Poland S.A. and the customized services provided by the three product lines help to assure the most appropriate reaction to the needs of every customer.

The key to success and the strategic potential of the company
People have always been the most important issue of the company’s business: clients, employees, and suppliers. EthosEnergy Poland S.A. is one of the biggest employers in the region, understanding itself as being a fair and trustworthy entity, ensuring safe and optimal working conditions, providing professional promotion, development, and training of its staff, and organizing workshops and different specialization courses. The company has also a special motivational system, rewarding the most distinguished employees. The achievements of the company often mean the achievements of the individual employees and are the consequence of their engagement. Business success and satisfied clients are on the long run impossible without qualified and satisfied workers, who being appreciated, do their best. Moreover, this is also the way to grow internationally and enclose new markets.

What the future brings - investments & plans for the years to come
The Polish energetics keeps developing, the same does EthosEnergy Poland S.A., implementing necessary changes in products and services, adjusting to the new market conditions. As everywhere else in this branch the focus is on increasing the energetic effectiveness. The company wants to keep up with the newest, modern developments, offering energy-saving and environmentally friendly products. The enterprise cooperates also with different universities and scientific institutions, basing on modern technical thought and creative solutions. New investments are obvious for the company and its appliances and machines are being constantly updated. In terms of technological and production improvements, EthosEnergy Poland S.A. is investing in implementing ERP SAP HANA S4 systems, in modernizing its computer network, and in building multimedia kiosks MES, among others. This is also something that shall continue in the years to come. Demanding highest standards EthosEnergy Poland S.A. carefully checks the companies it is working with. This is how it is always able to guarantee the customers the best quality of the final product. The aim is that the purchasing process does not end up being a one-time deal but turns into a long-term fruitful and satisfying partnership.

Something to show the world
There are five core elements that the company focuses on in the vast scope of its activities, these are: Safety, Service Excellence, People, Financial Responsibility and Integrity. These are the values that make the company grow and develop. The business combines best Polish traditions with the modern solutions coming from the long international experiences. Thanks to this special “mixture” the company offers best solutions that meet all the individual expectations even of the most demanding clients. Still under the name of Energoserwis S.A. the company was recognized at a regional competition, organized by the State Labour Inspection Board, getting the award as the “Employer and Safe Work Organizer”, in 2005. EthosEnergy Poland S.A. also received the diploma for effective cooperation in minimizing the exploitation of the technical equipment, for maintaining a high standard of technical safety and for contribution to the stable development of the Polish economy. Aware of the social impact and concerned about the well-being of its community, the company also shows lots of engagement in social projects, participating in and supporting different kinds of local charity, of sport, health, and cultural events. Besides, the company organizes also networking events and open days, where it presents its working spaces to the interested public. This is also a way to be close with employees’ families and local citizens. 


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