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Masco Group is a group of companies with a long experience in generation, storage and distribution of Clean Media (Purified Water, Water for Injection, Clean Steam), as well as in supplying complete “turn-key” solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech plants, including product preparation areas.

Moreover, the group offers a wide range of services related to the validation, of both equipment and process, in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic factories.

Company overview and strategic potential
The Masco Group has its Headquarters in Italy, but several different subsidiaries around the world: in US, China, Russia or France. The Group positions itself as the leader in providing engineering and industrial solutions to its clients in the Pharma and Cosmetic industry. Masco’s reputation for reliability and excellence has allowed to establish strong relationships (+10.000 installed units) with leading pharma & cosmetic companies. The Group revenues despite market conditions, grew by 10% CAGR in last 10 years. Growth was mainly internal (thanks to development of new markets and new offices opening) and strongly driven by Stilmas S.p.A. (i.e., contribution of ~ 80% to total revenues). Masco Group strength relies strongly on four pillars: research for continuous improvement and best talents in the market; willingness to maintain value, performance and leadership; research for edging technologies and engineering solutions; determination to meet high moral and ethical standards in performing work. The company has continuous ambition towards higher standards and quality, constantly monitored and certified by third party bodies.

Production process, main products & brands
The Group consists of 3 companies: STILMAS, OLSA and DOC.

Stilmas S.p.A. is an industrial and engineering Company engaged in research, design, development and construction of high technology Clean Utilities systems for pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries. The scope of the business encompasses design, production, assembly and installations of equipment and instruments up to successful qualification. The range and variety of production includes generation equipment, as well as complete storage and distribution systems for Purified water, Water for Injection and Pure steam obtained by multiple technologies: chemical, thermal and mechanical. A dedicated R&D department and its active participation in international committees, allows Stilmas to be up to date with the latest developments regarding the international regulations and standards in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and cosmetic industry.

Olsa S.p.A. is a manufacturing Company specializing in engineering, development and construction of high technology, durable equipment, including complete production systems for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic and fine chemicals industries. Olsa’s range of products covers different production ‘states’ starting with liquid forms (including aseptic processing), semi-solids and solid components (API and fine chemicals). The equipment and turn-key systems are constantly evolving with the latest developments regarding international regulations and the standards in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetic industries. Modern and extensive range of products, process competence, dynamic organization, global presence and available financing makes Olsa the ideal partner for Advanced Process Solutions in the Biopharmaceutical and Cosmetic industries all over the world.

DOC S.r.l. is a consulting company with international experience in cGMP compliance & validation for the Pharma industry. It plays the role of “System Integrator” acting as “Communication Platform & Facilitator” between the cGMP Compliance Requirements and final users. Its services are widely used by Pharma Manufacturers, Engineering & Contracting Companies worldwide. DOC is considered as an active contributor and reliable partner to main regulatory bodies worldwide, by providing: unbiased point of view on market development (with the angle of Pharma companies as well as of manufacturers); consultancies on existing/ potential new regulatory rules.

Mission and values
The mission of Stilmas is to design and manufacture pharmaceutical grade systems able to produce purified water, water for injection and pure steam at their highest quality standards. The ambition of the company is to maintain its positioning as an essential reference on the assigned market, a leading provider of fully integrated solutions and services, based on: a unique combination of close partnerships with customers and suppliers; an exceptionally comprehensive range of equipment and systems and in-depth expertise in its customers’ applications. Stilmas has more than 100 years of experience, over 10.000 installed units and 1000 complete turn-key pharmaceutical water systems supplied and validated worldwide. These factors make Stilmas a leader in the realization of clean utilities systems. The mission of Olsa is to design, manufacture and serve Biopharmaceutical and Cosmetic systems capable of being the most reliable production processes with highest quality standards. In a changing world in which we can see a large, ongoing effort of Government and International Organizations to supply medicines globally, Olsa strives to play a key role in the supply efforts of delivering safe, reliable, durable and technologically advanced Equipment and Complete Production Systems to the BioPharmaceutical and Cosmetic industries. Olsa has the following identity values: Customer first; deep knowledge of the production processes; development of internal competences; team spirit; a long-term experience joined with courage for innovation; a wide range of equipment and systems; a continuous exchange of knowledge with customers about production processes. The DOC’s global mission is a provision of a functional system totally validated. Activities and the wide range of services offered by DOC have their roots in the strong expertise and skills of the staff. Professional and qualified support is provided every day to the clients following these simple principles that represents company’s values: people first; flexibility; internationalism; know-how in motion. These elements make DOC a recognized and qualified provider of Validation Services for Pharmaceutical Market on a global scale.

New products and investments
In 2016 Stilmas delivered several new products, in particular a distiller MS 5010 HPS producing 15.000 l/h of water for injection in less than 15 minutes granting the highest quality standards and the lowest consumption. In 2017 a unique in the world distiller will be delivered: an MS 9010 HPS producing 20.000 l/h of water for injection. The unit is under assembly at Stilmas factory in Settala.

Among the main features of Stilmas Pharmastill: 1) rapid start up: the distillate is produced after only few minutes from the switch on; 2) energy saving: the best performances in terms of energy saving, thanks to an extremely accurate design of the condenser/evaporators and heat recovery system; 3) high flexibility: the production capacity can be varied by up to 80% without any plant modification; 4) unique purification system: gravitational purification principle for a better guarantee of distillate purity; 5) simple and clean mechanical construction: baffle – free decontamination chamber – no welding; granting the best inspectability and, minimized corrosion risk, for the longest expected life of equipment; 6) extremely limited maintenance: no moving parts, expansion joints or mechanical seals; compact construction and low weight: little extra head room needed for dismounting and inspection up to ten effects, for a maximum energetical efficiency.
When it comes to the latest investments, Olsa built a new facility for Offices, Workshop and Laboratory in Italy. The factory was officially inaugurated in 2016.

Achievements and rewards
In 2017 there are three anniversaries taking place, as Stilmas celebrates its 105 years of existence, Olsa - 70 years and DOC - 20 years. In the recent Stilmas history there were several important events to celebrate, in particular: a new production site establishment in China (2005); the extension of the facilities in Settala, Italy with extra 4.000 square meters (2008); opening of a representative office in Moscow, Russia (2010); inauguration of a new production facility and offices in Settala (2014). For Olsa such a turning point would be year 2006, when Olsa S.p.A. established Olsa USA LLC, as well as 2010, when new offices were established in Milan or 2016, when Olsa built a new facility for Offices, Workshop and Laboratory in Settala. Also DOC arrived to its 20-year-anniversary by achieving a lot: in 2011 DOC received ISO 9001:2008 certification for cGMP compliance and validation consultancy services, in 2015 DOC established a new division: Process and Product Validation Business Unit, providing so far a full range of Validation services from consulting and training, to the validation of an entire pharmaceutical facility. All three companies had a re-branding in 2015. Stilmas, Olsa and DOC new brand strategies were designed to reflect the leading position of the companies in their areas of expertise, emphasizing the belonging to the Masco Group. When it comes to the prizes, for the second time in the past few years, Stilmas was awarded with the Italian Industrial Excellence award. In 2016 Stilmas won the Italian Industrial excellence nomination. The award was given by the OSSERVATORIO PMI after the evaluation of the performances and the growth rates of the Italian companies. The recognition is based on the fundamental parameters such as: better results within the defined sector, profitability, financial solvency and the company management. Another great result achieved along the Stilmas hundred years of history. 

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