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Solvay announced that it has finalized plans to increase its global derivatized guar production by 40 percent with the completion of recent expansions in the USA and China. Derivatized guar is a polymer produced from a bean grown mainly in India. Its inherent natural properties make it an ideal bio-based solution for applications in the oil and gas industry as a gelling agent, in hair care as a conditioner, and in agrochemicals as an anti-drift formulation. 

"These expansions represent a significant step in the execution of our 2016 growth ambition," Solvay Novecare President Emmanuel Butstraen said. "They enhance our leadership position and will support the growth plans of our customers and their innovation needs."

The expanded Vernon, Texas USA derivatized guar facility will serve Solvay's customers in the dynamic North American oil and gas market. The increased capacity at Solvay's Zhangjiagang, (Jiangsu province) China site will help its home and personal care customers meet growing regional demand for high-end hair care products. With a third facility in Melle, France, Solvay is the only guar supplier with production capabilities in North America, Europe and Asia.

In addition, Novecare's leadership in processing technologies give it added flexibility to meet its customers' individual product development needs. Solvay also enjoys a 50-year joint venture partnership with an Indian-based leader in guar gum and guar extracts, helping secure its raw material supply.

"With our expansion investments, global footprint and security of supply, we are uniquely positioned to be the preferred provider for our customers," Butstraen added.

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