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Skanska has received the construction contract for a road stretch in Silesia, in
southwestern Poland. The customer is the Marshal’s Office of Silesian
Voivodeship. The contract value amounts to PLN 245 M, about SEK 510 M, which is
included in order bookings for Skanska Poland for the third quarter of 2012.
Skanska will build a 2.8 kilometer stretch of road along the highway Drogowa
Cloth Srednicowa, between Gliwice and Zabrze. The work also includes two road
crossings, four viaducts and a bridge over the river Klodnica. The project is
expected to be completed within 25 months.

Skanska Poland, one of the largest construction companies in Poland, had sales
of SEK 10 billion in 2011. The company has about 7,700 employees. Skanska
Commercial Development and Skanska Infrastructure Development are also active in

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