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STATEC BINDER GmbH is a leading company in the packaging industry with an impressive track record, having developed innovative solutions for packaging and palletizing bulk materials for many years. Headquartered in Gleisdorf, Austria, STATEC BINDER has built a first-class reputation as a reliable partner for packaging technology and solutions. The company offers highly efficient solutions and complete lines for the packaging process of small to large companies around the world. The company was founded in 2008 as a joint venture between two renowned companies, BT Wolfgang Binder and BINDER+CO AG. Both companies had already been active in the packaging and processing industry since the 1970s  and brought many years of experience and expertise to the partnership. The merger created a new player in the packaging industry, STATEC BINDER.

Over the years, STATEC BINDER has impressed with over 1800 successfully installed plants on all continents and in over 85 countries, underlining its global presence and expertise. The company continuously expanded its product range, from stand-alone machines to complete solutions for customers. Thanks to innovation, teamwork and the pursuit of perfection, STATEC BINDER has always been able to meet the requirements of global markets and provide customized solutions for its customers.

Innovation and Product Portfolio:
STATEC BINDER offers highly efficient packaging and palletizing solutions for free-flowing to powdery bulk materials. Whether plastic granulate, animal feed, rice, grain, sugar or artificial fertilizer - the extensive product range offers customer-oriented and flexible solutions of the highest quality for all industries. A key factor in STATEC BINDER’s success is continuous innovation and the development of customized solutions for its customers. The product range of STATEC BINDER includes fully automatic as well as semi-automatic packaging lines, BIG BAG filling stations, palletizing systems and bag closing systems, which are developed specifically for the needs of the customers.

The open-mouth bagging machines from STATEC BINDER are specific packaging machines that can be used to pack and seal pre-made open-mouth bags. Customer requirements vary, which is why different versions are available of the open-mouth bagging machines: for low, medium and high production capacities. Our open-mouth bagging machines are suitable for any type of free-flowing bulk material. With additional equipment, powdery products such as flour can also be filled. The fully automatic open-mouth bagging lines PRINCIPAC, CERTOPAC, ACROPAC and CIRCUPAC are designed for polyethylene (PE), woven polypropylene (PP) and paper bags with a filling weight from 5 kg to 50 kg.

The machines are individually tailored to the customer and his plant requirements. Therefore, the high-performance machines are also available with various additional options such as stainless steel execution, bag top de-aeration unit, dustproof filling spout, wash- down execution, ATEX execution, bag labelling and more.

The Twin Version of the open-mouth bagging machine combines two bag placers and two filling stations in one machine. The high performance of the Twin Version is achieved by always separating two bags simultaneously, transporting them to the pick-up station, fixing them onto the filling spout, filling them, and placing them on the conveyor belt. The bags are then transported one after the other to the bag closing machine. For example, the PRINCIPAC-Twin can handle up to 2400 bags per hour with a filling weight between 10 kg and 50 kg.

The FFS-Combi Version is a fully automatic high-performance bagging machine that combines the open-mouth bagging and the form-fill-seal packaging system. The CERTOPAC and PRINCIPAC open-mouth bagging machines are available as FFS-Combi Versions. That means the machines has an additional FFS module, allowing bags not only to be used from the bag magazine but also to be produced from tubular film. The changeover from the bag magazine to the production of bags from the tubular film is simple and convenient on the operating panel.

The high-performance segment is rounded off by two FFS (Form-Fill-Seal) bagging machines. The high-performance FFS machine SYSTEM-T produces bags from tubular film, and the vertical FFS machine SYSTEM-F produces bags from a flat film. Both bagging systems are ideal for any type of free-flowing bulk material. The SYSTEM-F is also ideal for packing moderately free-flowing to powdery products and can also ideally handle different filling weights.

STATEC BINDER palletizers are the perfect complement to their packaging systems. Unbeatable in a team, but also on their own, the palletizing systems stand for top performance. There are three palletizing systems in the portfolio: Robot palletizer, high-level palletizer and portal palletizer. Each of the palletizers is used in a wide variety of industries and can be optimally and completely individually adapted to customer requirements.

The palletizing of all types of bags and cartons is made possible by the fully automatic PRINCIPAL high-layer palletizer as well as the PRINCIPAL-R high-performance robot palletizer and the PRINCIPAL-P gantry palletizer. As with the packaging lines, the palletizing systems focus on flexibility and quality.

We are proud not to shy away from any challenge. On the contrary, we see them as an opportunity to demonstrate our innovative strength and break new ground in packaging technology. Our goal is not just to sell our customers a product, but to build long-term partnerships based on trust and shared success. As a renowned specialist in packaging technology, we are driven to go further and to constantly expand our expertise in order to offer our customers the best solutions in the future. To also meet the needs of our customers and support them in their success, we are constantly developing our machines as well as our range of products and working on new innovations.

Quality and Customer Service:
STATEC BINDER places great emphasis on the quality of its products and services. The packaging solutions are manufactured in a production facility and are subject to strict quality controls to ensure that they meet the highest standards. The company is ISO 9001 certified, which underlines its commitment to maintaining high quality standards.

In addition to product quality, customer service is another key factor that distinguishes the company. STATEC BINDER’s customers appreciate the personalized advice, individualized customer services and comprehensive support that the company offers. Working closely with customers enables the company to better understand their specific requirements and challenges, and to offer customers an all-round carefree package once they have purchased the equipment.

Complete customer satisfaction is a top priority for the European company. To ensure this, a comprehensive customer service program is offered. With the 1-6-11 program, the company makes the promise that customers will receive excellent after-sales support. This is to provide customers with the best possible training for the equipment after purchase to guarantee the best possible operation of the machines purchased. Specially trained and qualified employees are available to assist you on site and commission the machines together with you. Perfectly coordinated service appointments and spare parts deliveries, customer training, a remote maintenance system & support as well as optimizations & modernizations of the system components in order to always be on the cutting edge of technology complete the comprehensive customer service.

International Success:
STATEC BINDER’s reputation extends beyond Austria, reaching a global scale. The company exports its packaging solutions to over 85 countries worldwide and maintains an extensive network of distribution and service partners across various regions, ensuring exceptional on- site support and guidance for its customers. This international presence reflects the trust customers worldwide place in STATEC BINDER’s products and services.

STATEC BINDER is definitely a company that stands out in the packaging industry for its innovation, quality products and dedicated customer service. With a strong focus on the needs of its customers, STATEC BINDER remains a major player in packaging technology and will continue to play a significant role in the industry in the future.


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