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Lübeck - Dräger announced on Tuesday that it will produce its face masks and chemical protective suits in the Czech Republic in the future. Toni Schrofner, Member of the Executive Board for Operations, Logistics and IT, explains the decision: "We want these products to remain competitive in an international setting, so we took this decision after conducting several extensive analyses and studies. Production of these items will start to move from Lübeck to our Chomutov plant as of the end of 2013."

83 employees are currently working on face masks and protective suits for chemicals in Lübeck. Dräger will offer all of them equivalent positions in other units at the company. Schrofner: "We will stand by our promise to strengthen our Lübeck site, so these employees will remain very important for us. We just need them elsewhere in the company. Staff at Lübeck will continue to focus on manufacturing complex products and system solutions, work which has been of key importance at the site for many years."

Dräger's Chomutov plant has produced firefighter helmets since 2009. The company plans to finish the relocation of mask and protective suit production facilities by the end of 2015. There are no other plans to relocate production at present.

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