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Incap Corporation has signed a cooperation agreement on the manufacture of solar street and area lights for Naps Systems, a leading solar electricity system and product developer and supplier. Incap will manufacture the complete end products at its Kurressaari facility, where they will also be equipped with solar panels manufactured at the Estonian production unit of Naps Systems.


The first volume deliveries from Incap will take place in March 2012. The product is a completely new one, utilising the latest technology. Naps Systems is marketing the product globally through its own sales network.


Solar street and area lighting is becoming increasingly popular since the cost of solar electricity is coming down and LED technology is improving. These technologies are often used in areas with no power grid, but they may also be a financially viable solution in areas where an operational power grid exists. The total cost of the lighting system is often lower than the cost of just extending a power line to the light pole.


Chief Technical Officer Mikko Juntunen from Naps Systems: "The sales of our new lighting product have started nicely, and we believe that demand will rise steeply. Convincing references, flexible operations and confidence in faultless assembly of the complete product delivery were the primary criteria when selecting an assembly partner."


Director Jari Koppelo from Incap: "I am very happy that Naps, the distinguished pioneer of solar devices, has chosen us as their manufacturing partner. Production of the lighting systems suits our strategy excellently as we aim to deliver large product entities and complete products for our customers. We are looking for new customers among the manufacturers of devices that utilise renewable energy, among others, and solar energy can certainly be considered as an application area with great growth potential."

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