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The innovative HalfMoonTM pack from RPC Superfos has received a WorldStar 2015. The pack has an attractive shape and ergonomic advantages.

The jury has spoken: The new HalfMoonTM pack from RPC Superfos merits a WorldStar award. The packaging solution is remarkable for its shape that offers exceptional ergonomic user-friendliness as well as many exciting options for display.

Jean-Marc Vuillot, Regional Director RPC Superfos Region French, is thrilled about the prestigious award and says:

“It is fabulous that the World Packaging Organisation has selected our HalfMoonTM pack for a WorldStar. The award endorses our profile as an innovative packaging provider and makes the entire team behind the packaging solution full of pride.”

Flat side close to the body

The HalfMoonTM pack is formed like its name indicates and this particular shape offers the end-users true convenience: Carrying the pack with the flat side close to the body means that all weight is straight below the shoulder and this makes the filled container feel less heavy.                                           

Suits many types of products

Thereis averybig surface on the HalfMoonTM container leaving plenty of options for creating an extra high visual impact. The container is right for a wide range of products: It could be various food products, fats & oils, building materials, cosmetics, confectionery, pellets or paint.

While the original drawings of the design concerned a pail for paint, the award winning packaging has been constructed, designed and produced by RPC Superfos on behalf of one of the world’s leading companies within pet health nutrition. The company uses it as a loyalty gift to pet food customers and the pack comes with a dosage spoon and a two-compartment insert, ideal for serving pet food pellets and fresh water to cats and dogs.

HalfMoonTM was honoured with a Scanstar 2014 in the Nordic packaging competition of the same name.

Oxygen barrier protection

The bespoke SuperLock pack distinctively presents the salami products on shelf, has oxygen barrier protection and offers plenty of end-user convenience, not least through the twist-off screw-on lid that makes a reassuring click-sound in connection with re-closure.

Multi award-winning
The bespoke version of the SuperLock pack has previously received a ScanStar in the Nordic packaging competition and an
Award for Design Excellence 2014 from the Norwegian Design Council. Also the original SuperLock pot has received several official signs of recognition, including a WorldStar.

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