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Once again the Lodz Special Economic Zone will be the main partner of 4th International Forum of Home Appliances Manufacturers and Suppliers in Europe. A support from the Lodz Special Economic Zone is not accidental. This Lodz Region is a strategic location for the household appliances industry in Poland. Not only Lodz Region, but whole Poland is an extremely attractive location of home appliances factories. Poland is now ranked among the top three largest household appliances manufacturers in Europe. In 2015 more than 21 million large size household appliances were produced. According to experts, year 2016 looks even more promising. The potential of the sector is a reason why the fourth time Müller Die Lila Logistik invites representatives of domestic equipment manufacturers, distributors and analysts to discuss the future of the sector in Poland and the world.

Development of the home appliances industry fills us with optimism. Poland is already one among three largest manufacturers of home appliances in Europe. In 2015, over 21M pieces of large home appliances were manufactured in Poland. According to experts, 2016 will be even better. Great potential of the industry is the reason why, for the fourth time already, Müller Die Lila Logistik invites the representatives of home appliances producers, distributors and experts to the discussion about the future of the industry in Poland and worldwide.

Every year the Forum attracts more and more participants. Last edition gathered almost two hundred personages who are great professionals both in Poland and abroad, including but not limited to: Mrs Hanna Zdanowska, Mayor of Łódź; Mr Andrzej Sadowski, President of Adam Smith Centre; Prof. Piotr Kula, DSc. Eng., Innovations Deputy Rector at Łódź University of Technology; Prof. Peter Klaus of D.B.A./Boston University; Mr Jos Marinus, President of European Logistics Association, Mr Fabio Pommello, President of Indesit Company Polska which is part of Whirlpool Group. - We are still planning a dynamic development with two-digit increase which would mean about 1000 new workplaces and employing up to 300 new staff in the expanded research and design area in the perspective of the next 5 – 7 years - declared Konrad Pokutycki, President of the Management Board in BSH, in the last year edition.

Agenda of this year edition is dominated by discussion on, including but not limited to, trends and challenges faced by the European and Polish home appliances industry; export possibilities to currently unknown markets; synchronic logistical support of multiple sales channels – traditional ones and the Internet as well as design in home appliances and creation of new categories of products.

Müller Die Lila Logistik is the initiator and originator of the event which is co-organized by Bluevine Consulting. The success of the last year edition proved that home appliances industry is a subject which still generates a lot of attention from leading industry experts and actors. The possibility of establishing new business contacts or a perspective of starting a lucrative cooperation are the added value for everyone who decides to join us in May 2016!

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