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3rd China International Commercial Vehicle Summit 2017

May 10-12, 2017·Shanghai, China

The commercial vehicle market in China is in flux, with wildly inconsistent sales across vehicle categories. Stricter regulations related to emissions, road transportation requirements, and the new GB 1589-2016 standards, have altered market conditions for companies in the commercial vehicle industry, while ongoing technological innovation hints at a promising future.

In light of these developments, Duxes’ 3rd China International Commercial Vehicle Summit 2017 will take place in Shanghai, on May 10-12. The summit will provide a platform for attendees to familiarize themselves with the Chinese commercial vehicle industry, gathering government officials, and representatives from industry associations, and companies involved in the field.

The relationship between commercial vehicles and the environment will constitute some of the summit’s most forward-looking content. Notable presentations include the COO of Via Motors, Bob Purcell, discussing improvements to the efficiency, cleanliness, and connectedness for commercial vehicles in the future, and Professor Lei Hongjun (Vice General Secretary of the Hubei Automotive Engineering Association) breaking down challenges in the field of clean energy methanol buses.

Further content will probe into the intricacies of the commercial vehicle market in China. The FAW technology center will introduce its advances in light-weight commercial vehicle technology; the Executive Director of Scania, Mats Harborn, will analyze the new GB1589 standards in China, and the director of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers will use statistical analysis to study the current status and future prospects for the Chinese commercial vehicle market. Furthermore, several presentations will report on changes to fleet management and logistics enabled by the groundbreaking field of telematics.

Through its coverage of policy, environmental issues, and technological innovation, the Duxes 3rd China International Commercial Vehicle Summit 2017 strives to facilitate the exchange of knowledge among attendees, and provide a productive platform for the commercial vehicle industry in China. Professionals engaged in work related to commercial vehicles, with OEMS, suppliers, logistics companies, fuel companies, consulting companies, and similar enterprises, as well as the non-profit and public sectors, are invited to attend.

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