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Kompenz Europe GmbH was renamed as Powerz GmbH in July 2016.

It is worth noting that business of Powerz has experienced no significant changes due to renaming. Powerz, located in Germany at Aluminiumstr.1, 84513 Töging, has been manufacturing fabric and rubber expansion joints as it used to be.

Fabric expansion joints are customized in view of dimensions and technical parameters such as temperature, environment and pressure. Rubber expansion joints are of standard sizes and are always available at stock. Rubber expansion joints are shipped immediately following order confirmation.

Having achieved the new level, Powerz is not ready to rest. In future the company is going to strengthen its position as a leader in sales of power equipment not only in German-speaking countries but in the rest European countries as well.

Let us remind that fabric expansion joints are made of certified heat insulation and gas-proof materials. High quality of materials guarantees reliable performance of articles both at high temperatures up to 1,100 C and low temperatures up to -40 C. Fabric expansion joints serve to relieve vibration and temperature shifts of gas ducts. A fluoropolymer fiber-based material is used by our engineers to manufacture chemically resistant fabric expansion joints. Such type of expansion joints is used in gas removal systems with high sulfur oxides content. Please visit our office for more information about advantages and characteristics of fabric expansion joints.

Rubber expansion joints are popular as well. They are used in all industries and installed in cooling, heating and ventilation systems. Rubber expansion joints are manufactured from natural or synthetic elastomers. Rubber expansion joints are designed to compensate temperature shifts of pipelines, removal and reduction of vibrations and noise absorption.

Nowadays our efficient and up-to-date expansion joints are installed at production plants and enterprises around the world. The key benefits of Powerz GmbH are product reliability, favorable delivery terms and high level of service.

Our company is highly appreciated for the unrivaled quality and flexible pricing policy. Please visit the “Products” section on our website or office of Powerz GmbH to get information about our best offers.

Powerz GmbH
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