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About the Lux Awards 2016
The best lighting products, projects and companies leading innovation and change have been recognised in London. The Awards were presented in front of 850 lighting professionals at a gala event of the LuxLive 2016 exhibition. From over 200 nominations, the judges drew up the initial shortlists, tested products and visited projects the length and breadth of the UK to see them in action for themselves.

Pushing the creative boundaries
Since cutting-edge lighting is becoming more and more an integral part of modern building architecture, the shape of luminaires is an essential factor today. Luminaire makers and lighting designers request ever slimmer and more efficient driver and sensor components, enabling them to push the boundaries of creative lighting further and further. Since OSRAM UltraFlat System only require 11 mm of space, it unlocks entirely new opportunities in luminaire design – for the most varied applications and uses. Thanks to its reduced height, the OSRAM UltraFlat System is the only one of its kind to offer amazing design freedom. This well thought-out system thus allows luminaire makers and lighting designers to try out new applications and materials even in cases where a 21 mm high driver would be intrusive. This is also a major benefit for design-oriented luminaires – from floor standing luminaires, pendant luminaires and LED panels right up to recessed lighting solutions.
In short: The OSRAM UltraFlat System is the perfect choice for designing lighting as an "invisible" part of the building architecture.


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