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Why Poland?

Poland is one of 10 European states with the largest number of foreign investments - according to the results of annual EY Europe Attractiveness Survey 2020, it is the 7th, just before of such markets as Russia, Turkey or Ireland.

Similarly, in the list of the countries which are worth investing in, prepared last year by U.S. News & World Report, Poland was the 6th in terms of economic stability and investment attractiveness.

Over the last year, according to a vast number of investors, the centre of gravity was shifted to the east and is currently located between Germany and Poland. In the EY report determined above, 56% of investors indicate Western Europe as one of three most attractive locations for their business. The next one mentioned by them is Central and Eastern Europe (this direction is indicated by 40% of respondents), which outrivalled China. Even though this factors not always present the actual investments in an accurate way, they are the sign of attractiveness of Poland as the place of investing in the nearest future.

Very good image of Poland is closely connected with greater and greater interest in investments all over Central and Eastern Europe. Taking into account all direct investments in Europe, the central and eastern region attracted as many as 31% of them, i.e. more than Germany, France, Spain and Belgium together. Additionally, according to respondents of EY surveys from the last year, Central and Eastern Europe is more and more seen as future alternative for China.

Where to Invest in Poland the Best?

Lesser Poland, located in the southern and eastern part of Poland, which makes it at the same time the central point in the map of Europe, is one of the regions with the greatest economic potential.

The region of Lesser Poland together with its centre, being Kraków Metropolitan Area, made up of 15 neighbouring communes, has an established image as well as enormous development potential, inter alia in the field of innovativeness and modern economy based on knowledge.

Kraków, the largest city of the Metropolitan Area, is also the second city in Poland in terms of population and area, which is at present the 10th among cities, the 8th in economic potential category and the 7th in business friendliness category in Top10 Easter European Cities of the Future classification.

What Makes Kraków Metropolitan Area So Attractive for Investors?

The main reasons, for which foreign entrepreneurs decide to invest in the region, are:

  • high-quality human capital and relatively low labour costs with maintenance of very high qualify as well as efficiency
  • location in the centre of Europe
  • preferential conditions for running business
  • access to the best educational infrastructure in the country, stimulating innovative projects
  • ready-to-invest investment areas located in Economic Activity Zones

Let Us Get to Know Each Other Better! Detailed Publication About the Metropolitan Area

You may find out more about Kraków Metropolitan Area and the reasons, for which it is worth living, spending free time, develop and do business here, from the publication prepared within the project: Kraków Metropolitan Area for Business. It contains inter alia the most important statistical data relating to the metropolitan area in the entirety as well as the one developed individually for the individual communes of Kraków Metropolitan Area. It is also worth looking at what Kraków Metropolitan Area looks like on the background of other, domestic and foreign Metropolitan Areas, what incentive it offers as well as why it is worth living and doing business here.

As a potential investor, you will also find information on the offered investment incentives for entrepreneurs, tax reliefs, governmental grants or other aid as well as support possibilities for the ones interested in investments on the area of Kraków Metropolitan Area there.

Full text of the publication is found at the following link:

Kraków Metropolitan Area Full of Opportunities

Realized as part of the project:
Kraków Metropolitan Area for Business, co-financed from the Regional Operational
Program of the Małopolska 2014-2020, 3rd Priority axis „Entrepreneurial Lesser
Poland”, Measure 3.3 „Internationalization of the Małopolska Region’s economy”,
Sub-measure 3.3.1 „Economic promotion of the Małopolska Region”.
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