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After a blanking line and a 2,500-ton transfer press, Schuler will now deliver a 1,600-ton machine to processing center in Kunshan, China.

Göppingen/Seoul, 15 January 2022 – With an annual production of 40.6 million tons, the South Korean POSCO Group is one of the largest steel manufacturers in the world. At its processing center in Kunshan, China, body and structural parts as well as blanks are formed for the automotive industry. For an economic production and a high quality, the company has now ordered a 1,600-ton transfer and progressive press from Schuler.

Schuler’s TML series feature a 4-point suspension and link drive kinematic for low die wear and high levels of uptime. The scope of delivery for POSCO also includes a transfer system and a coil line. Thanks to a special concept, the press can be also used for progressive dies and blanking. In 2003, Schuler had already delivered a blanking line to the customer, followed by a 2,500-ton transfer press in 2018.

The POSCO Group was launched in 1968 as Pohang Iran and Steel Co., Ltd., the first integrated steel mill in Korea. In 1994, it was the country’s first company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Today, it has grown to become a global business with production and sales in 53 countries. POSCO has been selected as the most competitive steelmaker in the world for eleven consecutive years.


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