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With the new LED-supported positioning system LEaD, the German fixturing specialist Witte Barskamp presents a practical and user-friendly assembly aid for fixture building.

The LEaD positioning aid is offered both as a factory-integrated system in grid plates from Witte and - available separately - for fixture assembly with the modular fixturing system ALUFIX from Witte.

LEaD guides the user step-by-step through the complete build of a previously software-configured fixture via clear light signals from multicolored LEDs. The LEDs are either permanently installed in a grid plate - or are positioned in a cube-shaped LEaD box on the existing coupling elements of an ALUFIX fixture.

The fixture elements assigned to a particular color are mounted at positioning points where corresponding LEDs light up, The clear, unmistakeable and sequentially ideal user guidance makes the assembling of fixtures faster, error-free and therefore more economical. Thanks to the LEaD system, even users who are less familiar with fixture building are able to assemble correct configurations within a very short time.

The changeover of fixtures is also made considerably easier. Even in highly complex structures, the clear LED signaling makes it immediately clear which elements have to be exchanged at which coupling positions.

Finally, the LEaD system also supports the storage of elements or partial configurations that are not currently in use: An individual line or barcode applied to the LEaD box can be stored easily in the tool archiving system enabling fast, targeted access.

The LEaD positioning aid from Witte will be available from mid-2022.

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